Universidad Europea, a setting for innovation in communication

The academic institution has hosted the first Innova + C Conference by Dircom, in which over 30 expert speakers debated artificial intelligence, cybersecurity, fake news, and new narratives

On Tuesday, May 29 the Alcobendas campus of Universidad Europea hosted theFirst Innova + C Conference, organized byDircom, a space for reflection on innovation at the service of communication. José María Palomares, Innovation Chair of Dircom and Communications and Institutional Relations Director at Universidad Europea, opened the conference and welcomed the more than 30 expert speakers and close to 200 attendees. The event began with the panel discussion “The Role of Innovation in Communication,” which featured the participation of representatives from the communications, institutional relations, and marketing departments of Phillips, Accenture, Room Mate, COTEC, FEDIT, and Adigital. The second panel, “Communication in the Blockchain Era,” brought together companies such as Ethereum Madrid, blockchainmedia.es, Blockchain España and WellComm to discuss the advantages of this technology for communications directors in a new framework oriented towards the Internet of Value.

The third panel was “Challenges of Fake News,” which featured the participation of journalists, bloggers, police officers, and scientists to discuss methodologies that detect and manage messages that affect credibility. This topic was followed by the last panel on “Personalization of Content is Going to Become Mandatory,” which highlighted the need for value-added journalism, influencer profiles, transparency, citizen participation, and the challenge of making millennials the protagonists of content. Other topics discussed at the Innova + C Conference, with the aim of providing value to the user, were artificial intelligence, virtual assistants, data management, and the generation of personalized content using Snippet, Planetachatbot, Narrativa and TuDespensa.

Commitment to innovation in communications from the university environment

Universidad Europea hosting Dircom's Innova + C Conference is a reflection of the institution’s commitment to tackling the challenge of designing degrees adapted to the market's new demands. New technologies and cultural shifts, within a global context, are issues that have revolutionized companies, organizations, and society in general, where communications play a fundamental role.

For that reason, Universidad Europea has added a new bachelor's degree taught in a bilingual format that aims to educate professionals in corporate and institutional communications and public affairs from an international perspective: the Bachelor's Degree in Global and Strategic Communications. Moreover, the Master's in Communication Management is another attempt to offer education connected to the business world with an innovative, interdisciplinary academic program created by sector experts for professionals interested in communications management, business strategy, and digital transformation.