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Chosen one of the Top 3 best Sports Management Postgraduate programs in Europe according to SportBusiness International Magazine.

Training in sports management with a prestigious, outstanding and specialized staff, endorsed by the world leader in the sports business: Real Madrid C.F.

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Executive MBA in Sports Management a distancia


17 Nov. 2020


9 meses
  • The Real Madrid Graduate School – Universidad Europea offers you an exclusive environment to grow professionally and obtain a unique set of skills to enhance your sports management career. 100% online methodology. 
  • You will live the Real Madrid experience: exclusive trips and sporting events, where you can meet managers and directors from the club, as well as networking with sports sector professionals.


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Características de este programa

Voted the Best Master’s Degree in Sports Management in Spain

  • Fecha de Inicio

    17 Nov. 2020

  • Modalidad


    Disponible presencial
  • Duración

    9 meses

  • ECTS


  • Idioma


  • Campus

  • Universidad

    Universidad Europea de Madrid

  • Área de Conocimiento

    Deporte, Empresa y tecnología

  • Tipo de Estudio

    Máster y Postgrado

Why study a master´s degree in sports management?


+ 30 Nationalities in the classroom. A true global experience.

Unique trip to NYC

to visit the headquarters of important sports leagues: NBA, MLS, NHL.

+10 Executives

from Real Madrid C.F. and other important sports institutions.

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Marta García

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Key Information about the executive mba

Study Plan

Official qualification

At the end of the program, the student will receive the title of Executive MBA in Sports Management, awarded by the European University of Madrid.

Study plan

ECONOMICS      6        1
INTERNSHIPS (OPTIONAL)      6        3
MASTER’S THESIS      6        3

School calendar

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Implementation schedule



Student profile and study access information

This Executive MBA is specially designed for professionals and executives who need to combine work and study. The objective of the Executive MBA in Sports Management is to train management professionals in the world of sports, especially executives in the field of sports who wish to update their knowledge, graduates and professionals from other fields of knowledge who wish to focus their professional careers on sports management, or professional athletes who, having retired from competition, aspire to continue in the sports arena as managers.

Access requirements

For admission to the MBA University Master in the management of sports organizations are required to student legal requirement in accordance with provisions R.D. 861/2010:

  • Be in possession of an official Spanish university degree, or one issued by an institution of higher education belonging to another State member of the space European of higher education entitling to the teachings of Master access.
  • Be in possession of a certificate in accordance with the educational systems outside the European area of higher education in their titles, subject to verification by the University that those credited a level of education equivalent to the corresponding Spanish official university degrees and that they authorize in the exporting country of the title for access to postgraduate teachings. Access by this route does not imply, in any case, the approval of the previous title of which the person concerned is in possession, or appreciation to other effects than the study the teachings of Master.
  • Prove to have the right level of English according to the chosen mode, which will be assessed by a personal interview.




Pablo Burillo, PhD

PhD in Sports Sciences. MBA in Sports Management. Master´s Manager.


Michael Sutherland

Chief Transformation Officer Real Madrid C.F


Aila Ahonen, PhD

Senior Lecturer JAMK University of Applied Sciences

Diego Borrás

Programme & Module Lead, Sports Management at UCFB, London

Pedro Díaz Ridao, PhD

Professor at UEM Real Madrid/Founder of Inspirasports

Javier Doña

Consultant, MKG ARENA

Juan Carlos Fociños

Sponsorship Manager at Basketball Federation of Madrid

Thomas Fricke


Pablo García-Manitz

CEO Bewolfish

Steve Gera

Assistant Coach and Head of Innovation, Cleveland Browns

Matthew Good

Senior Manager Strategic Planning Telefónica

Robert Good

Strategic Consultant HH.RR.

Tomás Gutiérrez

CEO Novacapital

Florian Knorr

General Manager at Beovation

Ramiro Lahera

General Manager at Táctica Sport Culture

Edouard Legendre

Sponsorship Director at Ogilvy

Scott Mintto

Sports MBA Director, San Diego State University

Martha Saavedra, PhD

Professor at Universidad of California, Berkeley

Ángel Sanz

CEO and Founder The Crow Legacy Company

Ignacio Somalo, PhD

Founder at Lonesome Digital

Javier Tola

Managing Director Simply Sport

Pablo Vega, PhD

Professor at UEM Real Madrid/Road Director Royal Spanish Athletics Federation

Laszlo Zopcsak, PhD

Deputy Director at EuropeActive

% PhD

70 %

Ventajas del Executive MBA in Sports Management online


  • Sports entertainment.
  • Multi-sport events.
  • Sports and exercise services (sport for all).
  • Sports academies.
  • Fitness/wellness chains.
  • Clubs.
  • Federations.
  • Athlete representation.
  • Sports equipment multinationals.
  • Sports infrastructure multinationals.
  • Multinationals which invest heavily in sports sponsorship.


  • This 100% online master has the best professionals from every area of sports. The Real Madrid C.F. is a world leader in sports management, as evidenced by its commitment to continuous innovation in all areas of sports management: facilities, marketing, new media, etc.
  • You will live the Real Madrid experience, in which you will enhance professional and personal development run by recognized experts in the sports field, and work in various areas such as entrepreneurship, Ongoing Talent or Coaching. This insight will help you improve your professional profile and strengthen competitive skills in the sports sector.
  • Therefore, you will have the chance to make three optional and unique trips, in which you can explore the essence of Real Madrid C.F.:

1. Welcome Week: You will be able to meet your lecturers and your colleagues, the Real Madrid C.F. facilities, and you will receive several sports management masterclasses.

2. White Week: It will take place at the Real Madrid facilities, where you can meet directors of the club and executives of the sports industry.

3. New York Trip: You will visit sports facilities, attend sports industry events, and meet with executives of American sports entities.

  • An international scope program, with professors and students from different parts of the world, which will give you a global perspective of the existing sports management models.

Online Methodology

  • The European University's online methodology is committed to deliver an effective and personalized academic learning focus on students, supporting them all the way so that students achieve their goals.
  • Technology and innovation allow us to offer you a dynamic and motivating environment, with the flexibility and the tools you need to ensure educational high-quality standards.
  • The core of the learning model of the European University is based on the learning by doing methodology. Hence, learning with an easy and dynamic way, through case studies, training resources, group discussions, webinars, individual and team work, which help to build your networking.


A truly international program made up of professors and students from across the world that will provide you with a broader perspective of existing sports management models.

  • You can attend exclusive sporting events, where you can network with the best professionals in the industry.
  • More than 100 partners within the sector where you can carry out top-class internships: Adidas, Coca-Cola, Sanitas, Bwin.
  • 85% employability 12 months after completing the master's degree.
  • A 1,000-strong student body from more than 50 nationalities, giving an international character to all our programs.


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Quality Guarantee

Institutional Accreditation SISCAL madri + d

In 2020, the Faculty of Physical Activity and Sports Sciences was certified after the successful implementation of SGIC (quality guarantee) under the SISCAL model, with institutional accreditation awarded for this same center.

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Link to the complaints and suggestions system

The European University puts at your disposal the application "General Online Instance" to attend and resolve your queries, requests and complaints.

Quality guarantee

The Universidad Europea is renowned for its academic excellence and has been recognized worldwide with awards as prestigious as the European Seal of Excellence 500+, Qualicert certification, and the Madrid Excellence award.

In the international accreditation rating QS Stars, the Universidad Europea has obtained a total of four stars out of five. This external accreditation system determines the level of excellence achieved by universities in several areas. The Universidad Europea has achieved the maximum score of five stars in Employability, Teaching, Facilities and Social Responsibility.


Core competencies

  • CB1: Possess and understand the knowledge that provides a basis or opportunity to be original in the development and/or application of ideas, often in a research context.
  • CB2: Students know how to apply the knowledge acquired and their ability to solve new or unfamiliar environments within broader (or multidisciplinary) contexts related to their area of study.
  • CB3: Students are able to integrate knowledge and face the complexity of formulating judgments based on information that, being incomplete or limited, includes reflections on the social and ethical responsibilities linked to the application of their knowledge and judgments.
  • CB4: Students know how to communicate their conclusions, knowledge, and reasonings that support them to specialized and non-specialized audiences in a clear and unambiguous way.
  • CB5: Students develop the skills to allow them to continue studying- be it self-directed or autonomous.

Transversal competences

  • CT1: Responsibility: That the student is able to assume the consequences of the actions he/she performs and respond to his/her own actions.
  • CT2: Self-confidence: That the student is able to act confidently and with sufficient motivation to achieve their objectives.
  • CT3: Awareness of ethical values: The student's ability to feel, judge, argue and act according to moral values in a coherent, persistent and autonomous way.
  • CT4: Communication skills: That the student is able to express concepts and ideas effectively, including the ability to communicate in writing with conciseness and clarity, as well as speaking in public effectively.
  • CT5: Interpersonal understanding: That the student is able to perform an active listening in order to reach agreements using an assertive communication style.
  • CT6: Flexibility: That the student is able to adapt and work in different and varied situations and with diverse groups. It involves assessing and understanding different positions adapting their own approach as the situation requires.
  • CT7: Teamwork: That the student is able to participate in an active way in the achievement of a common goal, listening, respecting and valuing the ideas and proposals of the rest of the members of his team.
  • CT8: Initiative: That the student is able to anticipate proactively proposing solutions or alternatives to the presented situations.
  • CT9: Planning: That the student is able to effectively determine their goals and priorities by defining the actions, deadlines, and optimal resources required to achieve those goals.
  • CT10: Innovation-Creativity: That the student is able to devise new and different solutions to problems that add value to problems that arise.

Specific competencies

  • CE.1.- Have an integrated vision of all the dimensions of the company in the sports sector: the external, internal or organizational, and that of the people or human capital that form it, to be able to analyze the problems, and search As a team, solutions that allow you to achieve your strategic objectives. For this, it will assume an autonomous and collective learning that allows it to make decisions and assess the economic and social impact of them.
  • CE.2.- Lead, from an integral ethical and social responsibility approach, projects and teams assessing the impact of their decisions on benefits, the market, people and society.
  • CE.3.-Master the keys of the great areas of world sport, to turn them into competitive advantages for the growth of the company within its sector.
  • CE.4.-Analyze the economic, legal and technological environment of a sector and carry out an evaluation and strategic planning in the medium and long term using the existing reference tools.
  • CE.5.-Master the new trends and business practices of corporate social responsibility policies that affect the sports sector and be able to define a corporate social responsibility policy for each business.
  • CE.6.-Assume the competences of a manager: leadership, emotional intelligence, communication skills, team management, group work, planning, conflict resolution, negotiation and orientation to results, always from a responsible approach and under a multicultural perspective respecting diversity.
  • CE.7.-Master the concepts and strategic reference tools for the organizational dimensioning of a company in the sports industry and be able to select which is the best strategic alternative to apply in each market and company.
  • CE.8.-Know the tools for the management of a company's operations as well as the business practices of reference in the sports industry, which ensure the efficiency of the activity and the fulfillment of the objectives set.
  • CE.9.- Design the plans of the different areas (marketing, communication and sales, finance, production, human resources), using coordination criteria between them and aligned with the company's general strategy.
  • CE.10.- Master the key concepts of reference for the dimensioning of the new organizational structures and be able to implement plans that involve changes and adaptations with criteria of resource optimization and knowledge management.
  • CE.11.-Apply and translate into action everything they have learned in one of the areas of decision of the company through professional practices. They can do so through the agreements of the university with companies in the sector or sports industry, and especially in the area of interest that is most attractive for their future professional development - management, marketing and communication, operations, finance, - and show the competencies for successful integration into a business team

Internal Quality Assurance System

The European University has designed its System of Internal Assurance of Quality in accordance with the guidelines of the Foundation for the Knowledge Madri+d Agency Regional for the Evaluation of the Quality of Universities, as a structural basis to ensure the quality of the new official qualifications according to the quality guidelines of the European Higher Education Area (EHEA) and the Organic Law 4/2007, of 12 of April, by which modifies the Organic Law 6/2001, of 21 December, of Universities.

Members of CCT

  • D. Pablo Burillo (MBA online program Director)
  • Dña. Marisa Sáenz (Director of the MBA programme in person)
  • Dña. Raquel Esteban (Academic Director Escuela Real Madrid)
  • Dña. Silvia Fernández (Postgraduate deputy dean)
  • Dña. Verónica Gabaldón (Academic coordinator)
  • Student delegate
  • D. Gianfranco Ferrari (Responsible for the quality at UEM)

More Information

New places

205 seats offer maximum back income among the four available modalities (On-site in Spanish and English and 100% digitalin Spanish and English)

Admission process

The admissions process for Real Madrid Graduate School - Universidad Europea programs runs throughout the whole year, although enrollment in all graduate programs depends on the availability of places.

For personalized guidance, you can go to either of our university campuses (Alcobendas or Villaviciosa de Odón), or contact us via phone: (+34) 918 340 192 or e-mail:

  • ueonline@universidadeuropea.es to receive advice from the Graduate Degree Admissions staff.
  • Once candidates have received guidance and have provided the necessary documentation, the Graduate Degree Admissions staff will send them a date for taking the entrance exams for the program they are interested in, and for a personal interview with the Master´s Program Director or a member of the Admissions Committee.
  • The admissions process does not involve any costs or commitment for candidates until their place is formally reserved.

Convalidations and transfer of center

If you want us to make a personalized validation plan quickly, free and without commitment, you can do it here

Financial aids

At the European University, we have a complete system of financial aid at your disposal to facilitate the payment of your education.

  • Payment flexibility
  • Deferred monthly payment
  • Aid for prompt payment
  • Aid for continuing studies
  • Aid for simultaneity of studies
  • Aid for having a family member at the European University

We also offer a number of scholarship options, including:

  • European University Scholarships:
    • European University Scholarships: Aid that takes into account the socioeconomic level and academic performance of the student.
    • Juan Abelló Scholarships: directed to postgraduate students of the Business Area
  • Official Scholarships
    • Scholarships from the Ministry of Education
    • Scholarships of the community of Madrid