MBA - Master’s Degree in Sports Management

A top-ranked program for management professionals in the world of sports.
The MBA – Master’s degree in Sports Management is a top-ranked program


13 May. 2019


10 months
  • Chosen Best Master’s Degree In Sports Management in Spain in El Mundo newspaper’s 2017 ranking
  • Take part on a trip to New York to vist the headquarters of the NBA, MLS and NHL

Puntos Clave

Insight into Real Madrid, acedemic excellence and pactical cases in sport

  • Fecha de Inicio

    13 May. 2019

  • Duración

    10 months

  • Idioma


  • ECTs


  • Modalidad


  • Campus

    Madrid Alcobendas

  • Universidad

    Escuela Universitaria Real Madrid

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Instalaciones deportivas de primer nivel con todo lo que necesitas.


Mejor centro privado

Mejor centro privado donde estudiar actividad física y deporte (Ranking El Mundo)



El 89% de nuestros alumnos tiene empleo en menos de 12 meses tras finalizar sus estudios

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Perfil de nuevo ingreso y vías de acceso al título. Student Profile and Study Access Information:

Graduates who wish to focus their professional careers on sports management, professionals in the field of sports who wish to update their knowledge, professionals from other fields of knowledge who wish to enter the sports world, or professional athletes who, having retired from competition, aspire to continue in the sports arena as managers.

Proceso de admisión Admission Process:

The admissions process for Universidad Europea Graduate Schoolprograms can take place at any time during the year, although enrollment on any graduate program will depend on the availability of places.

For personalized advice, you can go to either of our university campuses (La Moraleja or Villaviciosa de Odón), or contact us by phone: +91 112 88 50

or e-mail: to receive advice from the Graduate Admissions staff.

Once candidates have received advice and have provided the necessary documentation, the Graduate Admissions staff will set a date for taking the entrance exams corresponding to the program they are interested in, and for a personal interview with the Master’s Program Director or a member of the Admissions Committee.

The admissions process involves no costs or commitment for candidates until their place is formally reserved.

Real Madrid Graduate School - Universidad Europea reserves the right to cancel or delay the start of a graduate program if the required minimum number of enrolled students is not met. The University also reserves the right to make any necessary changes in timetables, faculty assignments, location and campus for the programs. For more information, please check the Graduate School Regulations.


The majority of the classes take place at Universidad Europea’s campus in Alcobendas. However, students will also take part in workshops and other events at Real Madrid’s stadium, the Santiago Bernabeu, as well as Real Madrid City, the club’s training ground in Valdebebas.

Plan de estudios

MODULE 1.- General Management

  • Economic Analysis of the Sports Industry
  • Strategic Planning. Analysis of Sports Environments and Competition
  • Business Management Models and Economic Aspects

MODULE 2.- Finance

  • Annual Accounts for Sports Clubs and Organizations
  • Planning and Control in Sports Organization Management
  • Financial Management

MODULE 3.- Sports Facility Management and Operation

  • Infrastructure Management within a Sports Entity
  • Production of Sporting Events
  • Quality and Incident Management

MODULE 4.- Marketing and Communications

  • Strategic and Operational Marketing
  • Sponsorship in Sports
  • Audiovisual Rights
  • Sports and Society
  • Sports and the Media

MODULE 5.- Managerial Skills and Human Resources

  • People Management and Teamwork
  • Coaching Applied to Sports
  • Motivational Leadership of Teams
  • Communication: Public Speaking in Professional Environments
  • Emotional Intelligence in Sports Organizations

MODULE 6.- Specialization in Entrepreneurship, Sustainability and Social Responsibility in Sports

  • Strategies for Starting a Sports Business
  • The Business Plan and Financing
  • International Organizations in Sports for Development
  • Corporate Social Responsibility and Sports
  • Social Entrepreneurship in Sports
  • Keys to Success and Failure

MODULE 7.- Specialization Branch B - Marketing and Communications (*)

  • The Media
  • Advertising Agencies
  • Official Organizations
  • Sports Rights
  • Sporting Events and Brand Profitability
  • Sports Clubs
  • Sponsorship
  • Brand and Identity Management
  • Practical Application of a Communication Plan
  • Social Network and the Community Manager
  • Sports Content in the New Digital World

MODULE 8.- Specialization Branch C - Sports Facility Operation (*)

  • Management of Sports Facility Operations
  • Security and Technology at Sports Facilities
  • Municipal Operations and Management
  • The Fitness and Wellness Market
  • Large Parks
  • Golf Course Management
  • Organization of Sporting Events
  • Management of Leisure and Non-Conventional Spaces

MODULE 9.- Internship

MODULE 10.- Master's Thesis

(*) Of the four specializations student has to choose three. The Module VI Specialization Branch D – Sports Law, it is available campus based in the afternoon in Spanish.



Mr. Emilio Butragueño

Program director. General Manager, Real Madrid Graduate School

Dra. Marisa Sáenz

Program director. Director of Management Area at Real Madrid Graduate School

Elena Naranjo

Lawyer Real Madrid

Julio González Ronco

Real Madrid Foundation Director

José Ramón Capdevila

Head of Football Administration

Carlos Ocaña

Project Manager

Abel Moragón

Head of Planning and Control

Ángel Alcázar

Budget Control

Olivier Vara 

Facilities and Operations Director

Celia Morales

Head of Operations Area VIP-Corporate Hospitality

Alfonso Roberes

Manager of International Sponsorship

Enrique Uriel

IT Director

María Gil-Fournier

Head of Selection and Recruitment

Jose María García Tomás

Human Resources Director

Rafael de Los Santos

New Media Director

Ángel Sanz

CEO and Founder The Crow Legacy Company.

Edouard Legendre 

Strategic Planning Director Geometry Global

Javier Tola

Managing Director Simply Sport

Hugo Berenguer

Head of Design Rafael de La Hoz Arquitectos

Javier Sobrino

Founder Deporte y Estrategia

Javier Doña

Consultant, MKG ARENA

Yuri Morejón

Director of Comunicación pública Comunicar es Ganar

Mikel Bárcena

Marketing and Sales Director Saski Baskonia SAD

Alfonso Arroyo

CEO Ingesport Health & Spa Consulting

Antonio Fernandez Arimany

International General Director Triathlon Union

Ramiro Lahera

Managing Director and Founder Tactika Sports Culture

Luis Gómez

Brand Director Iberdrola

Juan Carlos Fociños

General Manager Club Baloncesto Torrelodones

Carlota Castrejana Fernández

Atleta y Ex-Directora General de Deportes de la Comunidad de Madrid


Director International Operations, NBA


Basketball Operations International, NBA


Marketing Latin America, NBA


Country Manager New York Office, LA LIGA


Responsible for communication, LA LIGA


Sport Sales Director, UNIVISION


Director of Player program, MLS


General Manager, MIAMI FC


Vice President Enterprise & Education SPARTAN RACE


Director Spartan Training


Director of Arena Group Sales, BROOKLYN NETS






Director of operations, NY COSMOS


Event Marketing Manager, NY RED BULLS


Vice President MKT & COMM, NY RED BULLS


Head coach men's soccer, RUTGERS UNIVERSITY


Coordinator special events, METLIFE STADIUM


Digital Production Network, ST JOHN'S UNIVERSITY


Real Madrid C.FCoordinating Director for professional Football & Basketball area, Real Madrid C.F


Legal Manager of PRODWARE SPAIN, S.A.Legal Manager of PRODWARE SPAIN, S.A.


Goose Talent InstitutCEO Goose Talent Institut


Directora Formación Goose Talent InstituteManager of Training Goose Talent Institute




  • Flexibilidad de pago.
  • Ayudas al estudiante de alto rendimiento.
  • Ayudas por continuación de estudios.
  • Ayudas por simultaneidad de estudios.
  • Ayudas por tener un familiar en la Universidad Europea.
  • Becas de la Universidad Europea.
  • Becas Oficiales.
  • Departamento TIC


  • The Master’s Degree in Sports Management is top-ranked program providing a broad overview into sports management models not just in Spain but across the world. The progam has been chosen as the Best Master’s Degree In Sports Management in Spain in El Mundo newspaper’s 2017 ranking as well as named as one of the top 10 Masters in Sports Management in Europe by Sports Business Magazine 2017.
  • The program is truely international in its nature, with students coming from all corners of the globe. The world-class faculty is also made up of leading international sports management specialists.
  • During the program, students will come into contact with all the areas in the city where Real Madrid is present (facilities, sporting venues, organizational and management institutions, etc.), as well as with the Fundación Real Madrid. 
  • Students will also gain firsthand insight into other facilities and management models through visits to Santiago Bernabéu Stadium, Ciudad Deportiva Real Madrid (Real Madrid Training Complex), Ciudad del Fútbol de la RFEF (Soccer City of the Royal Spanish Football Federation), Caja Mágica (Madrid Open Tennis Stadium), Palacio de los Deportes (Indoor Sports Arena), and other spaces intended for leisure and entertainment run by both public and private organizations.
  • Students may participate in a trip to New York City with other students of the Real Madrid Graduate School. The trip will include visits to the headquarters of important sports leagues such as NBA, MLS, and NHL, major venues like Madison Square Garden, and marketing companies such as Octagon.
  • This is one of the best experiences a Sports Management student can have, both from a managerial and an operational viewpoint, since they will receive hands-on learning and apply the knowledge they have gained throughout their studies.

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Salidas profesionales

  • Graduates from this program will be prepared for management careers in a sports context including within sports clubs, governing bodies and sports businesses.

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Proceso de admisión

1. Documentación

Para comenzar tu proceso de admisión, lo primero que debes de hacer es reserva tu cita a través de internet o llamando al 91 740 72 72.

  • Tarjeta de Selectividad con la calificación de apto
  • Dos fotocopias del DNI
  • Tasas de Traslado de Expediente
  • Pago de Tasa de Admisión con anterioridad o el día de la cita

2. ¿En qué consiste la prueba de acceso?

  • Test de evaluación de competencias y habilidades
  • Test de conocimientos generales
  • Prueba de evaluación de Idiomas
  • Entrevista personal

¿Cuándo sabrás si estás admitido?

Conocerás el resultado de la prueba de acceso a través de una Carta de Admisión que recibirás a tu correo electrónico. Si tienes cualquier duda, puedes resolverla con nuestro equipo del Departamento de Atención y Admisión de Nuevos Estudiantes (

3. Reserva de plaza

Junto a la Carta de Admisión, recibirás el sobre de Matrícula Oficial. Es recomendable que hagas tu reserva en un plazo de 7 días naturales desde que recibes la carta.

4. Matriculación

Todos los alumnos que ingresen por primera vez en la Universidad Europea y quieran acceder a un grado, deberán realizar la apertura de expediente, antes de su matriculación.

El Departamento de Admisión de Nuevos Estudiantes facilitará al candidato toda la documentación e impresos para poder formalizar su matrícula.

Convalidaciones y traslados de centro

No tienes por qué seguir en algo que no te gusta. Por eso, hemos diseñado planes específicos de convalidaciones y traslados de centro. Si quieres conocer el tuyo personalizado, de manera rápida, sencilla y gratuita, mándanos un email a junto con la siguiente documentación:

  • Certificado académico personal de la titulación de origen.
  • Plan de estudios sellado por la Secretaría del centro de procedencia.
  • Programa académico de las asignaturas cursadas y/o matriculadas en la titulación de origen.
  • Título oficial traducido (solamente en el caso de titulados extranjeros)

En caso de solicitar reconocimiento por experiencia profesional, será necesario aportar:

  • Certificado de vida laboral
  • Curriculum vitae
  • Certificado de empresa, sólo en aquellos casos donde se necesite acreditar las funciones realizadas en la empresa, o en casos de estudiantes con experiencia profesional internacional que no puedan aportar vida laboral.

Para cualquier duda puedes ponerte en contacto con nuestros asesores especializados, llamando al 91 834 34 35.

Programa de becas y ayudas

Queremos ayudarte. Si quieres estudiar en la Universidad Europea, tendrás a tu disposición una amplia selección de becas propias y oficiales, además de un completo Plan de Financiación y Descuentos.

Prácticas profesionales

Las prácticas en empresas son un elemento clave en tu formación. Adquirir experiencia después de lo aprendido en tu titulación, es la mejor forma de entrar en el mercado laboral. Hay dos tipos de prácticas, las curriculares (incluidas en tu plan de estudios) y extracurriculares (las que puedes hacer de forma voluntaria).

Para realizar las prácticas curriculares en empresas, necesitarás tener el 50% de los créditos aprobado y matricular la asignatura antes de comenzar tus prácticas. Estas prácticas llevan un seguimiento por parte de la empresa y del profesor de prácticas, así como la realización de informes intermedios y finales para su evaluación.

Si quieres mejorar tu experiencia laboral antes de concluir tu formación universitaria, puedes hacer prácticas extracurriculares. Podrás hacerlas en cualquier curso pero te recordamos que las prácticas son un complemento formativo a tus estudios; por tanto, cuanto más conocimiento hayas adquirido a lo largo de la carrera, mayor provecho sacarás de la experiencia de prácticas.