Mohamed Serageldin: "Real Madrid Graduate School contributed in forming my dream to benefit my club Al Ahly"


Mohamed Serageldin, former student at Real Madrid Graduate School, joined the sports club Al-Ahly as a board member of directors last December. Al-Ahly is the second most successful club in the world with 20 international trophies and the biggest fanbase club in Egypt, and the African and Arabian region with 80 million affiliated by Al-Ahly inside and outside Egypt.

“We have been working, for almost 6 months now, on three different sectors; one related to sports scope as we have other 14 sports games beside football varying between basketball, volley, handball, karate, Tennis and swimming games... Another scope of our work is related to managing and planning the services and operations sector of the club members, whom almost reach 160,000 in three different sports social club branches, in matter of facility management and any other coming construction works. For example, we are planning to execute our fourth sports club branch and our future mega project; a huge sports city including our planned 60,000 capacity stadium. This stadium is targeted to be one of the top 10 stadiums worldwide.

Mohamed also works as Teaching Assistant at The American University in Cairo. “I started working there in 2012 when I planned to start my Masters of Science studies in Construction Engineering. I love teaching and love to share my knowledge with others. I’m specialized in teaching project management and planning and scheduling of construction projects. I teach sessions of primavera; a software program concerned by calculating time schedule and budgeted costs of construction projects.”

He is passionate about his club Al Ahly, “it’s like my big source of passion and happiness. I’m addicted to that historical club and to be honest it means more than a club to me; it means history, pride and happiness”. Although he loves Real Madrid as well ;)  He has always tried to add value to himself and to do more studies and gain some sports practical experiences. That’s how he was part of LOC of FIIBA U19 in Egypt last year, which added a lot to his practical experiences.

We asked him why has he chosen Real Madrid Graduate School specifically, “it has a very high reputation among many people worldwide who finished the program before and also Real Madrid is one my favorite clubs worldwide, besides Madrid is my favorite city ever. I feel home there.”

“I made very good friends there from all over the world: Spain, Poland, Colombia, Mexico, Ecuador, Brazil, Jordan… In addition, I have learnt a lot from my professors there. I miss so much the conferences and trips like Network trip, which was very beneficial for me and the White Week, which was a great chance for elaborating my knowledge and a healthy panel of sharing experiences with other cultures and speakers worldwide.”

After graduating by 2 years, he has been a speaker in the last week event ‘Football in a global industry, leagues role’. Congrats!

He is still in contact with his ex-colleagues and professors. “Pedro Diaz is one of my favorite professors and the most one that affected me positively and inspired me; my thesis topic was related to a sports educational program theme and the idea came out of his course ‘entrepreneurship’.”

We asked him what has the Real Madrid Graduate School contributed to him. He considers it as his turning point in the sports sector. “It added to me a lot in terms of knowledge, experiences and connections. Participating in big events and conferences through the school was the vital part that I can’t forget, especially when the school supported me with a letter to attend the stadium business summit in Madrid June 2016. It was my first participation there and benefited me a lot through contributing with professional speakers and being in contact with the biggest construction and architectural companies in that field. It contributed in forming my dream to benefit my club Al Ahly.”

We say goodbye with some advice that gives current students: "I want to tell them you are in the right place so try to get the benefit and enjoy it too as much as you can, be near to your colleagues and professors, make friends and connections, don’t miss the events, conferences and trips. It will add to you and will develop your personality and mentality more than you can imagine so try not to miss such events.

Your success is not gained by exams or projects times and the highest grades, your success is gained by learning everyday new thing new experience from a colleague, a friend or a professor.

Plan a goal for yourself and exert your maximum efforts to reach it, have a faith in yourself, you will find people helping you and supporting you, others will try to push you down, don’t focus on them. Continue moving with only good intentions and hardworking and you will achieve your goal at the end for sure."