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Governing Bodies

We work with the commitment to question everything in order to meet the needs of society overall and take responsibility for progress.

Governing Bodies

Executive Committee

  • Miguel Carmelo, ceo & president

    Miguel Carmelo

    CEO & President

  • Elena Gazapo, rector of universidad europea de madrid / chief academic officer

    Elena Gazapo

    Rector of Universidad Europea de Madrid / Chief Academic Officer

  • Otilia de la Fuente, managing director

    Otilia de la Fuente

    Managing Director

  • Haris Hassabis, managing director

    Haris Hassabis

    Managing DIrector

  • Carlos Bertrán, chief human resources officer europa education

    Carlos Bertrán

    Chief Human Resources Officer Europa Education

  • Pedro Mateu, chief financial officer

    Pedro Mateu

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Lucio di Majo, director of the office for transformation

    Lucio di Majo

    Director of the Office for Transformation

  • Sonsoles Moralejo, communications director

    Sonsoles Moralejo

    Communications Director

Governing Bodies

Communication Advisory Council

  • Antonio San José
  • Alfredo Menéndez
  • Anabel Diez Navarrete
  • Ignacio Camacho
  • José Antonio Navas
  • Lourdes Garzón
  • Pepa Bueno
  • Pilar Cernuda

University Advisory Council

  • Miguel Carmelo
  • Roberto Fernández
  • Cristina Garmendia
  • Alicia Richart
  • Francisco Román Riechmann
  • Antonio San José
  • Juan Antonio Vázquez
  • Francisco Javier Zamorano Sáenz

The people at the service of others





Canary Islands

Canary Islands

Communication Advisory Council

Communication Advisory Council