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After Spain declared the state of alarm, Universidad Europea took steps to adapt all its programmes, switching from a 100% in-classroom model to a new 100% remote model. Our entire academic activity migrated to a remote model in less than 48 hours, incorporating the most innovative technology in terms of practices and virtualised simulations so that we could honour our commitment to experiential learning as a driving force for education in real work environments and help students become the professionals companies need.

The figures speak of the efforts of an entire educational community to continue, responding to the needs of students while demonstrating academic excellence:

Weekly classes

Over 90% remote student attendance.


More than 5,000 teaching sessions and digital tools at the faculty.

Virtualised internships

Virtualised environment simulations for experiential learning.


Virtual grading of 2,403 subjects.



The time has come to meet your classmates and teachers. Are you ready to see us? The entire Universidad Europea team is. We are primed and ready to go.

This paradigm shift has been an impetus for the Universidad Europea to continue developing its academic model to maximise the advantages of the hybrid world in which we live. A world in which we can still be present at all our campuses in safe and healthy environments, and a virtual environment that lets us continue academic learning with the same level of excellence and even improve upon it through technological contributions that offer ways of learning not possible in the real world.  We have thus reinforced the three most relevant areas necessary in your educational path, namely the academic model, safety and hygiene measures and the UE experience.


Over these recent months we have worked to reinforce our academic model. We want to join you on an experiential learning journey at Universidad Europea, where human knowledge merges with the most advanced technology so that you can bring out the best in yourself, achieve your professional goals and bring value to the world.

A flexible and personalised academic model that blends real and virtual classrooms, redesigning learning spaces. We want you to fully experience the academic experience and excellence of the Universidad Europea so that you learn at our campuses in person and also when connected remotely.

On-Site Internships

Experience centred on learning by doing.

Extended Classroom

Open and flexible classrooms that combine in-person and virtual dimensions, improving the learning experience through technology.

Digital block

Exclusive on-demand virtual content.

On-Site Internships

On-Site Internships will remain at the core of experiential learning, with the best facilities and teachers to work in simulated environments and over 6,000 internship agreements with companies: 100% guaranteed.

Innovative training adapted to the reality of work with the best facilities simulating work environments and a substantial faculty of professional teachers, whose teaching is directly related to their work experience, thus guaranteeing a link to the real world from the very first year.

With prevention, safety and hygiene measures according to the pertinent legislation currently in force.

Extended classroom

Our extended classroom lets you attend class either in person on campus or remotely, since 100% of our classrooms are now digital, capable and poised for a perfect interaction between teacher and students. Wherever you are, you won’t miss a thing. In the extended classroom you will have access to the best simulation and artificial intelligence software, tools that give you what the real world can’t, which will prepare you for digital transformation and are available whenever you want to earn “airtime”.

  • Immersive experience in classrooms which allow total contact between students who are on campus and those who attend remotely, with the lecturer leading a learning experience with real-time interaction: cameras, 360º microphones and interactive whiteboards in all classrooms.
  • Virtualised internships:  learning via simulated environments, gamification and virtual laboratories will allow you to learn further beyond the reach of the real world, with no limit on the number of practical classes to strengthen all your knowledge and always as advised by the faculty to maximise your experience.

Digital block

We can offer you more at Universidad Europea. We want you to personalise your learning by incorporating more digital, exclusive and differential content:

  • Master classes, webinars and online workshops that let you learn from the best professionals in each area of knowledge.
  • Add more value as a professional in the four dimensions of our academic model: international, professional, intellectual and social ethics.


The campus is ready to go. We adapted classrooms and all our facilities with every health and safety measure for your peace of mind and the entire academic community.

Sanitisation Stations

Sanitisation Stations at multiple spots across campus. (E.G. At entrances and exits)

Posted Hygiene Guidelines

Signs indicating safety and social distancing. Guidelines at University Campuses and Clinics.

Signs in classrooms

Signs in classrooms and common spaces that need reduced attendance.

Medical protocols

Medical and instructional protocols regarding health and safety for the entire educational community.


Telephone hotline to address concerns and questions regarding COVID for the academic community.

Medical tracking

Health tracking protocols for the academic community.

Constant cleaning and disinfectio...

More frequent hygiene measures, cleaning and disinfection services across campuses.


Take advantage of everything the University puts within reach so you can make this stage of your life a unique and unforgettable experience.

Clubs and associations

You will be able to join our more than 45 clubs and associations on the Madrid, Valencia and Canary campuses that we support from the University with resources and funds, including, to only name a few: Fórmula UEM, Robotics, Debate, Europea Media, Entrepreneurship, Student Club, etc.

Scholarships and grants

Universidad Europea cares about your future, which is why we offer you a wide selection of university scholarships and study grants so that nothing will stand between you and the best education you deserve. We invest over 7 million euros in our scholarships and grants regardless of your profile, since we have a wide variety of options: scholarships for undergraduates, master and postgraduate programmes, professional training, doctorates and courses.  


Soon enough you will be in the starring role, creating your own experiences!

We look forward to seeing you!

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    Any concerns? Here you’ll find all the answers to questions that have somehow been affected by COVID-19

  • Letter from Elena Gazapo
    Letter from Elena Gazapo

    Letter from Elena Gazapo

    Elena Gazapo, Chief Academic Officer and Rector of the Universidad Europea of Madrid, explains more about how the new academic year will entail education of the highest quality at a technologically prepared and safer campus.

  • Come and visit us!
    Come and visit us!

    Come and visit us!

    We are all set for you to get to know us. Make your appointment for a safe campus visit.


All our campuses meet the prevention measures to stop the spread of COVID-19 according to the pertinent legislation currently in force.