Students from the Department of Social Sciences debate in the European Parliament

Meetings with head European politicians, exchanging of opinions in the European Parliament with other students, interviews in different media channels ... these were just some of the activities carried out by students in Strasbourg

Ten students from the Universidad Europea of Valencia participated in the EYE Project 2016, various days of debate and living together organized by the European Parliament, held at the headquarters of the European Parliament in the French city of Strasbourg from May 19 to 22. The students, selected for their interest in European political current events, came from the Department of Social Sciences: Law, International Relations, Business Administration, Marketing, Design and Translation.

This event, which is held annually allows them to come together and debate with head politicians and exchange ideas and perspectives on issues related to young people, as well as seek out innovative solutions for the future. Moreover, they were interviewed by various media channels during the various sessions.

All of the students highlighted that it was a unique experience that encouraged teamwork and that helped toreinforce the ideas and concepts learned in class, as well as to contribute new knowledge and skills that will prove fundamental in their academic and professional development.