Nursing students visit the headquarters of the Emergency Military Unit in Bétera

Helicopter rescues, flooding, earthquakes, forest fires... daily activities for the members of the Emergency Military Unit (UME) that were experienced first-hand by the students

A group of Nursing Degree students from Universidad Europea de Valencia had the chance to experience a day immersed in the different activities carried out by the UME at the “Jaime I” based in Bétera.

Protocols against forest fires, flooding, earthquakes, underwater or helicopter rescues were some of the activities presented to the students, who got an idea of the great variety of activities carried out by UME professionals.

Universidad Europea de Valencia Nursing Degree students visited all the UME facilities in Bétera, including the Battalion Operations Center and the different facilities holding vehicles and other equipment that are ready to be used if required. In the Autonomous Community of Valencia, the UME aids the emergency services of other public administrations in the Autonomous Community of Valencia, in Murcia and the Balearic Islands.