The Not-For-Profit Translation Agency organizes a charity auction

Would you like to buy an electric bass while collaborating with the NGO Action Against Hunger? You can if you participate in the Not-For-Profit Translation Agency's initiative

Ruth León Pinilla, director of the Not-For-Profit Translation Agency and adjunct professor in the Translation and Intercultural Communication Department of the Universidad Europea de Valencia, is leading this charity project. The initiative is auctioning off an electric bass that the Agency won for its participation in a campaign for the NGO Action Against Hunger.

The Agency wants to pay the NGO's favor forward in terms of the prize it received and to do so has organized, through the website a charity action for which they are asking for the highest number of participants possible. There is no minimum for donations.

For more information on the initiative, please visit the following link: The Not-For-Profit Translation Agency of the Universidad Europea de Valencia aims to educate students in the Translation and Intercultural Communication degree at the Universidad Europea de Valencia at the highest level of skills in translation and interpretation, so that when they finish their studies they will be fully prepared to enter the workforce. Furthermore, the Agency is fully committed to social responsibility, as its activity centers on providing real and necessary assistance through translations and interpretation for the not for profit organizations with which it collaborates.