Juan Morote assumes the role of Rector of the Universidad Europea de Valencia

The event was held at the Edificio Europa and attended by various representatives from different institutions in the Autonomous Community of Valencia

On Thursday, June 23, Universidad Europea de Valencia held a Ceremony for its new Rector, Juan Morote Sarrión, a solemn event chaired by the General Director of University, Research and Science, Josefina Bueno Alonso, and the chairman of the University Advisory Council, Doctor José Remohí.

Juan Morote, after promising the oath of his new position and receiving the medal, cap, mace and gloves that accredit him as Rector of the Universidad Europea de Valencia, gave a speech during which he highlighted that his approach, and therefore that of the institution he directs, will be of “dialog, receptive, open, ready to listen and to help” anyone who contacts the Universidad Europea de Valencia.

Furthermore, the Rector wanted to stress that “we are a Valencian university, based in Valencia and that wants to work for this land”. Juan Morote said that this willingness to work means “educating the best professionals for an open society”.