Global Career Week discovers the careers of the future

Presentation of the Employability Barometer in the Autonomous Community of Valencia, master class in networking, leadership, simulated interviews and activities for success in the hiring process, as well as round tables and debates: these were some of the many activities carried out during the well-received and well-attended Global Career Week.

With its sights set on the future of employability and the professional skills that will be in the highest demand, Universidad Europea de Valencia held Global Career Week (GCW), with the participation of nearly a thousand attendees, as well as some fifty professionals and more than thirty partner companies and institutions. These numbers speak to the success of GCW, which took place from April 19 to May 6 at Universidad Europea de Valencia.

Informational sessions for working in Europe, lecture-based classes with leading professionals in different fields, master classes to learn how to succeed in hiring processes and create resumes and portfolios tailored to the most prestigious companies: all the departments of Universidad Europea de Valencia were welcome at GCW.

Moreover, the Barometer on Employability in the Autonomous Community of Valencia, prepared by Universidad Europea de Valencia, Infojobs and Corvan, was presented within the framework of the First Valencia Alumni Meeting; the report analyzes which careers will be in the highest demand in the future.