Dolores Perea, Director General of Nestlé Helados, a leading figure at the new edition of CEOs Forum

Future trends, employability... different aspects surrounding the food company were discussed at the CEOs Forum organized by the Universidad Europea de Valencia

“Values as the basis for sustainable, profitable growth”. This was the title of the conference offered by Dolores Perea, director general of the Ice Cream and Deserts Division at Nestlé, during a new edition of the CEOs Forum held at Universidad Europea de Valencia. Perea noted that “there is a growing trend for ecological and organic ice cream” and that it why the company “is testing one of these characteristics and two flavors”. As for employability, the director general of Nestlé Helados said that “80% of our managers are promoted internally” and that, in her experience, it is “difficult to find women working in the sales department and men working in marketing”.

Perea also stressed that her division, “marked by its seasonal nature”, aims to work in the future more decisively “towards desserts” and “increase its market share in a solid and sustainable way”, as her company “doesn’t depend on getting rich quick”.