Consultant Hays in Global Career Weeks UEV 2016

Mercedes Iborra and Silvia Piqueras, recruitment consultants of Hays, took part in Global Career Weeks UEV 2016 with the session “Decisive factors to find a job”.

In the first part of the session the consultants presented the “Hays Guide 2016”, a guide that analize trends of labour market form this year. One of the issues that students value most was the possibility to know what characteristics are more appreciated by recruiters.

During the second part, the consultants focused on what factors are decisive in order to get a job. They emphasise the significance of three key aspects: to prepare a CV adjusted for each position, to be different from other applicants and to prepare thoroughly the recruitment interview.

Hays is a recruitment consultant with more than fifteen years on Spanish market. It is the most important consultant in Spain and it operates in other thirty countries.

This is the second year that Silvia Piqueras and Mercedes Iborra collaborate with Centro Profesional Europeo de Valencia and the Universidad Europea de Valencia in our employment forums. In all the occasions, its sessions got high concurrence of students who appreciated that professionals of recruitment had explained to them the mistakes to avoid to get a job successfully.