Financial Information

Check all the financial details relating to your enrollment, keep track of all your billing and payment details, make tuition and dormitory payments, etc.

Economic detail of the enrollment fees

In this section you can check:

  • Place Reservation Fee: amount paid
  • Tuition statement: list of courses you have enrolled on, ECTS credits and respective prices
  • Breakdown of possible deductions (discounts, allowances, grants and scholarships)
  • Estimated net tuition
  • Billing period and form of payment
  • General Enrollment Conditions 

Enter your username (in this case, your transcript number) and password:


Check your accounts

In this section you can check the following details of all the issued bills:

  • Amount billed
  • Amount cancelled
  • Amount paid
  • Amount refunded/adjusted
  • Amount outstanding
  • Bill status (Paid, Returned, Overdue)
  • Date of payment

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Check your BILLS


As a student you can check and download all the invoices of the issued bills

  • Admission tests
  • Registration fee
  • Tuition
  • Dormitory accommodation
  • Dissertation
  • Registrar’s Office fees

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Outstanding or returned tuition/DORMITORY payments

As a student you can make your Tuition and Dormitory payments in two different ways:

  • Online credit card payment via a virtual platform connected to the bank, giving you immediate access to all services. Payment is confirmed instantly and recorded in the system automatically.
  • Payment Form (Norma 57, Internal Regulation): you can download and print out a payment form, which you can then take to the bank to make the payment. Your payment will be recorded in the system 24 hours later.

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Transfer through Flywire Platform

Universidad Europea has partnered with Flywire in order to streamline the process of international payments. Fywire allows you to pay securely from any country and any bank, generally in your home currency.

When you send payments via Flywire you can:

  • Track your payment status each step of the way.
  • Save on bank charges and exchange fees
  • Contact a multilingual customer support team for any questions, day and night

Start your payment process

If you have any doubts or queries about payments

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Bank Direct Debit

If you want to amend your billing details you should fill in the following document depending on your program of study. This will only be necessary if your bank account details change or if you want to request the deferred monthly payment option for the current academic year.


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