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What is the Ombudsperson's Office?

This office is responsible for defending and protecting student rights within the educational and administrative sphere of Universidad Europea de Madrid. The Ombudsperson's Office exercises a permanent informative function on all issues submitted to its area or decided based on its own initiative about the operation of the university.

The Ombudsperson's office activity is carried out based on the principles of impartiality, objectivity, speed, rigor and academic courtesy. In carrying out its functions, the Ombudsperson's Office may request information and assistance from the different areas of the university. The suggestions and proposals for change of the ombudsperson's office are addressed at improving the quality of Universidad Europea de Madrid.

What are the Ombudsperson's office functions?

  • Offering advice to students in their academic consultations.
  • Detecting problems in order to take preventive action.
  • Proposing solutions.
  • Making suggestions and recommendations to improve the functioning of the university.
  • Mediating in conflicts in which the ombudsperson's office is asked to intervene.
  • Reporting the activities carried out through an Annual Report (at all times maintaining the anonymity of the personal information furnished).

How should I contact the Office?

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