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As is customary every year, Universidad Europea de Madrid launches the High Capacity Student Program (TOP Program) targeted at students who have shown an outstanding academic performance during the stages prior to university education who wish to continue their training in a university degree program and benefit from the TOP (Talented, Outstanding People) Program.

Thanks to the experience and success of the program during its three previous editions, the university still considers it essential to support and develop the personal and professional skills of these students as much as possible, thereby completing their university training and guaranteeing their professional success and their contribution of value to social progress.

Uem Excellents

Who is the program intended for?

  • Students who have recently joined bachelor's degree programs (first year) and concluded their studies before university education with excellent grades, an advanced level of English and outstanding personal skills.
  • University Europea de Madrid bachelor's degree students enrolled in the university's high capacity programs in previous years who have demonstrated a satisfactory use of the previous year's program and concluded academic year 12-13 with excellent grades, an advanced level of English and outstanding personal skills.

Prerequisites for access and permanence in the program

  1. I) Prerequisites for accessing the TOP program for the first time: Students accessing the first year of the bachelor's degree program with a university entrance grade (secondary school grades + university entrance exam grade) equal to or higher than 10. To access the Bachelor's Degree in Medicine, the grade should be equal to or higher than 12.5.
  2. II) Prerequisites for remaining in the TOP program for beneficiary students from previous years:
    • Average grade of 8 during the previous year (7.5 for double degrees).
    • Positive evaluation from their personal advisor on performance in the complementary activities program.

Number of grants

50 places are available in the TOP program for academic year 13/14, with 2 being for excellent Bachelor's Degree in Medicine students (who comply with the access prerequisite).

Grants for students from the Top Program and term for submitting applications

New TOP students are eligible for an educational discount of 50% in their degree program.

Term for submitting applications:

Students have until July 10 2013 to apply for the grants.

After sitting the admission process exams of Universidad Europea de Madrid , they will indicate their inclusion in the TOP Program in the admission request (in the Observations section).

Once they pass the PAU (University Entrance Exam) and are in possession of the results card they should send a scanned copy to, stating TOP Program in the subject line , no later than July 10 2013.

On July 5 Universidad Europea de Madrid will contact the students selected to receive grants for the TOP Program, to let them know they are beneficiaries, based on their access grade. In the event that the grades coincide, the first date for requesting the grant will take preference. In addition the university will post in the website a list of students selected, identified by their application no. (not by personal information).

The students selected will have a term of 10 calendar days to formalize their enrollment (up to July 15 2013, inclusive). If the candidates have not formalized their enrollment within the indicated term, their places will pass to the next candidate on the list, provided the following prerequisites for obtaining the grant are met.

This program will be closed on July 31.

High capacity students obtaining the grants referred to above or who have obtained them when they enter the university will maintain them during the following years, provided they fulfill the academic prerequisites foreseen for remaining in the TOP Program.

High capacity students not obtaining grants at the time of entering will not be able to obtain them afterwards.

Length and content of the program

Without prejudice to the educational discount of 50% applied to excellent students during the entire term of their bachelor's degree studies (provided the permanence prerequisites are met) the complementary studies requirement activity program to which the TOP Program beneficiaries are entitled will have a maximum term of four years.

During those years the students, guided by their personal advisors, will gradually progress in carrying out a minimum number of activities.

Every year the students will carry out three complementary study activities. Some of them must be carried out every year, such as learning at least a third language. Others will be elective and the students can choose those which best adapt to their personal interests.

By way of example, some of the complementary study activities (which may vary every year) are the following:

  • Advanced English
  • Participation in the Foreign Language Program: French, Portuguese, German, Chinese, Arabic and others.
  • Skills and skill development workshops
  • Interculturality workshop
  • Entrepreneurial spirit development workshop
  • Scientific research workshop
  • International leadership workshop in English
  • Participation in a research project in one of the Excellence Centers of the university to write a scientific paper
  • International stay or participation in a cooperation for development project or an international volunteering project.
  • International internships.
  • Professional coaching sessions with a reputed mentor
  • Personal job placement plan, including individual coaching sessions

Students who were beneficiaries of the Top Program during the years prior to 13/14

Students who were beneficiaries of the Top program scholarship for academic year 12/13 will benefit from the conditions set out in this TOP Program document for 13/14 when they renew.

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