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Since 2002 the University Sports Club has been working to convert sport into a form of leisure and also a healthy lifestyle.

We welcome students and employees of the university and all those who want to include sport in their daily lives.

The Sports Club offers its clients excellent value for money through a staff of more than 40 qualified professionals, with a single purpose: to enable our clients to achieve their goals. To do this we have the latest technology in materials, equipment and sports facilities to allow users to practice quality sport, with professionals who will guide their training sessions to achieve goals related to health, wellbeing or high performance.

Promoting sport

Facilities and services

Our sports facilities occupy more than 35,000 m² and we offer varied schedules, high quality resources and equipment, exceptional professionals, a full range of services, parking facilities and the safety of a closed campus, thereby permitting monitored practicing of physical activities in keeping with the needs of today's society.

Fitness Room

A room of 500 m² structured by types of activity with cardiovascular stations and view of the football ground and athletics track, luxury monitored machines, a large free weight area and an areas for stretching with permanent supervision by a coach who is qualified in Sports Science and/or Physical Therapy who will develop training programs in keeping with the goals, initial physical conditions and preferences of the client.

Ask about the Personal Training Service

Swimming Pools

Collage pools

We have two types of pool:

  • Heated: 6 25-meter lanes where you can carry out different activities depending on what you prefer and what suits you best. We have different activities such as free swimming, aquatic fitness, personal training, swimming for mothers-to-be and swimming for the elderly.
  • Outdoor pool: for taking a dip and sunbathing during the summer.

You can also enjoy the benefits of the UEM Swimming School

Heated pool opening hours

UEM Swimming School

Swimming School

Matronatación (swimming for parents and toddlers)

For children aged between 18 months and 3 years.

The aim is to allow parents and children to enjoy the water, thus increasing their emotional bonds and for children to benefit from aspects that will enhance their harmonious and complete development. In these activities, proximity, emotional and leisure aspects are of vital importance.

Swimming lessons for children

For children aged between 3 and 15 years.

Our swimming program has a mainly educational and practical focus. The aim is to ensure that by learning to swim, children are able to use the water to favor their development with respect to their motor skills and their emotional and cognitive skills.

Swimming lessons for adults

From the age of 16.

The modes and levels covered in this program are varied:

  • En forma (in shape): water allows you to improve your health, prevent and avoid injuries and also have fun
  • Techniques and styles: for improving all swimming styles.
  • Therapeutic swimming: we plan your training in order to improve your physical performance and aerobic and anaerobic resistance in water.
  • Swimming for pregnant women: exercise is more important than ever when you are pregnant, as it helps eliminate liquids and prepares the muscles for birth. Swimming is without doubt the best option.
More information
  • There is no registration fee.
  • Small groups depending on the level (maximum of 8-10 people per group).
  • Qualified monitors who follow a strict working methodology.
  • Reserved changing rooms.
  • 45-minute lessons.
  • Medal, diploma and gift on terminating the course.
Heated pool opening hours

Group Activities

Group activity schedules


  • BODY - FIT It is not just a class with weights, but a revolutionary training system with bars, discs and dumbbells where you can strengthen, tone and mold your muscles.
  • CIRCUIT TRAINING An aerobic and anaerobic training session combined with toning and without choreography that makes use of all manner of materials. An amusing and effective way to train.
  • GAP & STRETCHING Focus your work on buttocks, abdomen and legs to the beat of the music, increase your flexibility and relax your body through stretching, which prevents future injuries or contractures.
  • TONIFICACIÓN (TONING= A highly effective and complete training session that combines cardiovascular exercise, toning and joint movement, favoring a better overall physical condition.


  • AERO LATINO Have fun dancing to different Latin rhythms (salsa, rueda cubana, merengue, bachata, cha cha cha and zumba) while doing cardiovascular exercises, perfect for losing body fat and toning the muscles.
  • FUNKY Learn, practice and enjoy this type of dance that is now in vogue.
  • SEVILLANAS Perfect your style in the most typical Spanish dance.
  • FLAMENCO Learn about our tradition with this popular dance.

Body and soul

  • PILATES The Pilates Method provides complete education for the body, exercising it as a whole, from the deepest muscles to the peripheral ones, with body and soul acting together.
  • CUERPO Y MENTE (BODY AND SOUL) Relaxation, stretching, isometric exercises... Recommended for people with back problems.
  • ESPALDA (BACK) Improve your health or relieve back pain and problems through postural techniques and special exercises for normalizing and balancing the muscles and bones safely and in a controlled manner.

And also:

  • CICLO INDOOR Try a new way to get in shape by pedaling to the rhythm of the music.
  • KICK BOXING Training exercises in this complete combat sport with all types of exercises to improve coordination, force and speed. This is a way to keep fit and strengthen the muscles while releasing adrenalin. It requires no physical contact.
  • AQUA FIT The aqua fit programs are comprised of a set of aerobic activities carried out in the water to the sound of music. Its methodology makes it suitable for all types of people.
  • CICLO EXPRESS Practice indoor cycling in shorter sessions.

Download the definition of each activity:

Definition of activities

Other facilities

Collage facilities services

Discover the other facilities that the UEM Sports Club offers you:

  • Multisport Center: It can be divided into 3 courts by automated divider curtains and has retractable tier seating for 250 spectators.
  • Outdoor Multisport Area: Divided into 9 tennis courts, 4 paddle tennis courts, 2 multisport circuits, 4 changing room modules, group classes, 1 tatami, 2 laboratories, 2 physical therapy cabins and 1 physical evaluation cabin.
  • Natural grass football pitch
  • Athletics track
  • Volleyball court

Physical Therapy Clinic

The UEM Sports Center has a Physical Therapy Office which is open to our students and to the general public.

The physiotherapists in our center specialize in continuous training and have the necessary resources to provide quality service to patients.

Physical Therapy service
More information

Personal Training Service

This service is provided by a Sports Science and/or Physical Therapy specialist. Following an initial interview to determine the objectives and a physical examination the specialist will monitor the customized training to be followed by the client.

Based on this the trainer will plan a customized training program to guarantee the objective(s) are met in an organized way, without injuries, without wasting time and above all through motivation, depending on the preferences of each person.

You only have to indicate:

  • your goals (physical and mental health, wellbeing, competitive performance, recovery from injury…)
  • your preferences (facilities and type of exercise)
  • the time you can devote to this activity

and we will sign an undertaking to achieve this in a safe, stable, efficient and motivating manner.

Personal Training Service
More information


8 changing room modules, individual changing rooms for disabled persons and 8 changing room modules for outdoor facilities with a total of 700 personal lockers for daily use.

Sports material and merchandising store.


Physical therapy and personal training services (high performance and health advisory service): to allow you to reach your goal in the shortest possible time. If you want to train intelligently, ask us about this service. Whatever your goal (health, rehabilitation, weight loss, hypertrophy or maximum sports performance) your trainer will adapt the exercise to your needs in a motivating and effective manner.

Physical evaluation tests (biomechanical laboratory, physiology and motor skills).

Technical and sports training courses.

Free parking for 600 cars and motorcycles on campus with private security service.

Restaurant service with cafeteria and dining room specializing in sport nutrition needs.


New features

Wellness Packs: A new way to take care of your body.

With the ultimate objective of continuing to safeguard your health we have designed the Wellness Packs, an integrated series of activities and services fully coordinated with all the departments, for maximum customizing through the most modern facilities, the best professionals and constant research and innovation.

Control de Peso (Weight Control) Pack

Achieve your target body weight effectively, reducing the percentage of fat or gaining muscle mass. You'll do it this time.

Cuídate (Keep Fit) Pack

A series of inter-coordinated services that provides you with at-home personal care.

Mejora tu Rendimiento (Improve your Performance) Pack

For those who want to perfect their sports technique or physical qualities effectively with the help of an expert with the necessary resources and materials. To achieve your goal.

Previene (Prevention) Pack

Prevention and/or recovery from bone, joint, muscle, tendon or ligament problems. Improve your postural alignment and correct bad postural habits. Strengthens and stretches the back muscles. To prevent major damage.

Anti Stress Pack

It will help you eliminate the negative consequences of stress at a physiological, cognitive and behavioral level. We can help you.

Pre y Post Parto (Before and After Birth) Pack

Supports and improves your posture (relieving postural pain, stretching and mobilizing joints and the spine), maintains your muscle tone (ABD and SP), develops body awareness and favors the blood circulation. It ensures you are prepared.

Also ask us about the...

Anti Tabaco (Anti-smoking) Pack, the Familia (Family) Pack and the Intégrate (Integration) Pack. All these packs include professional advice, nutritional advice, personal trainer advice, group classes, physical therapy and optional beauty advice. They are also controlled by a personal trainer to adapt them to you and customize your treatment.

Photo gallery

Nutrition Service


  • 1st VISIT

    Interviews on habits and customs.

    Anthropometric study:

  • 2nd VISIT

    Delivery and explanation of the nutritional advice program.

  • 3rd VISIT
  • Results control.


  • To take action on the eating habits of the person, considering that person's characteristics, needs and physical exercise level.
  • To improve eating habits.


We arrange a personal interview to find out their habits and customs, goals and specific needs.

We study and analyze their body composition to determine their real needs and the possibilities of achieving the proposed goals.

We prepare a customized diet advisory plan, considering their daily activities and specific needs.


  • Body weight loss
  • Body weight gain
  • Optimization of performance for athletes and active persons.

Improving eating habits.

Dr. Fernando Naclerio Ayllón.

More information


Make use of the best resources and the best professionals to achieve your goals, whether related to health, rehabilitation, social relations or achieving maximum performance in sport.

From only €43 per month you can make use of the fitness room, heated pool and outdoor pool in the summer, tennis, paddle tennis courts, multisport circuits, athletics track and more than 290 group classes per month.

If you are a member of the UEM Club, a relative of a student or if your company has an agreement with us you can enjoy all these services from €42 per month.

In addition, as a member you have discounts on our Swimming, Tennis, Dance, Running and Pilates and Rhythmic Gymnastics Schools and our Physical therapy services and physical evaluations.

*Students and employees should consult the benefits.

Urban Campus

Multisport Campus

This year we have renovated our URBAN CAMPUS to offer you:

  • Greater flexibility in the campus hours. You choose the weeks you want the campus to last for.
  • Schedules adapted to your needs. We have extended the schedules for entering and picking up children.
  • More activities in English. Every day all the children will enjoy bilingual activities.
  • Ad-hoc multisport activities for each child. Consult the sports and choose the ones you prefer.


  • July 1 - 5 July 8 - 12 July 15 - 19 July 22 - 26

You can choose between 1 and 4 weeks


  • 4 to 12


MONDAY to FRIDAY from 9:00 to 17:00

  • Possibility of reception from 7:30, including breakfast (€10 weekly supplement)
  • Reception from 8:30 to 9:00.
  • Possibility of leaving at 15:30.


  • SWIMMING: Adaptation to water, progression in learning and perfecting of techniques. In addition to developing hygiene and health habits in the child.
  • ENGLISH WHILE PLAYING: Have fun and learn English while playing.
  • SPORTS: Paddle tennis, tennis, basketball, volley ball and indoor soccer.
  • ALTERNATIVE GAMES AND SPORTS Adventure circuit, environmental obstacle course, popular games, floorball, frisbee, etc.
  • WORKSHOPS: Children like to invent and do things. Workshops help them develop their own creativity. Graffiti W., Mask W., Kitchen W., Juggling W....
  • EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMS, oral hygiene, reading encouragement, road safety, children's nutrition, environment, etc.


  • Sports competitions and activities
  • Daily English classes
  • Specialized monitors
  • Lunch and afternoon snack with adapted menus
  • Backpack and sports gear
  • DVD with video and photo album
  • Group photo and diploma


  • Multisport center
  • Indoor and outdoor pool
  • Natural grass football pitch
  • Athletics track
  • 3 multipurpose rooms
  • 2 multisport circuits
  • 9 tennis courts and 4 paddle tennis courts
  • Reading room
  • Cinema room
  • Workshops classroom

Urban Campus 2013 Price list

Basic price

Before May 31 After May 31
1 week 220 220
2 weeks 375 415
3 weeks 525 580
4 weeks 670 745

Employees (30% discount)

Before May 31 After May 31
1 week 150,5 154
2 weeks 262,5 290,5
3 weeks 370 406
4 weeks 470 521,5

Agreement (10% discount)

Before May 31 After May 31
1 week 195 195
2 weeks 340 373,5
3 weeks 475 522
4 weeks 605 670,5

Ask about our special group discounts: companies, persons in the Villaviciosa population census, large families…

Limited places!


Urban Campus 2013 Program

See Urban Campus 2013 Program


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Work with us

The CDU team is formed by qualified, hard-working persons who want to provide the best services to our clients.

If you think you fit this profile, send your résumé to

Current job vacancies

  • Fitness room trainers
  • Swimming trainers
  • Group class monitors
  • Leisure and free time monitors


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