Opening of the school year 2017-2018 at the Real Madrid Graduate School –Universidad Europea

The students of the 12th class were invited to the opening ceremony.

Last Friday the opening ceremony of the new 2017-2018 school year for the students from the different master degrees from the Real Madrid Graduate School – Universidad Europea took place. This is how the 12th class of students started the year at the school since it was founded in 2006, as a collaboration between the education institution and the Real Madrid Football Club. The ceremony took place in the honor seat box at the Santiago Bernabéu Stadium.

Emilio Butragueño, Director of the School, was in charge of the opening ceremony. He welcomed the students with the following message: “You’re going to be learning great things, you’re going to be prepared to be very competitive within your professional field, but we also want you to feel once you graduate, that you’ve also grown personally”.

During the opening ceremony, there was a Speech from Borja Miranda too, who is a former student of the Master Degree in Communication and Sports Journalism, who explained the attendees why four years ago he chose the Real Madrid Graduate School – Universidad Europea for his professional specialization.

He also suggested the students to make the most of this year “to enjoy, learn and excel in every situation”.

Juan Morote, Rector of the Universidad Europea, explained how the academic model at the Real Madrid Graduate School- Universidad Europea is aiming to “boost the capacities of every individual, with the aim of educating professionals that are able to join the professional world, contributing to social progress with an ethical compromise”.

During the event, there was also a speech from José María García, who is the RRHH Director at Real Madrid Football Club. He outline the variety of job opportunities that the sports world offers in Spain, where in 2016 over 194,000 people were employed. He reminded the students about the importance of education in order to be eligible for those jobs. José María also reminded them about the top 5 skills that companies look for in potential candidates: “leadership, teamwork, self-confidence, competitiveness and always looking to improve” and he mentioned how “these skills are usually associated to the sport values, this is why the Real Madrid Graduate School prepares people to work in all sports professional areas”. 

The Real Madrid Graduate School – Universidad Europea has welcomed students from 53 different nationalities, and the School is currently present in 13 countries. The success of this strong project is reflected in the over 8,000 former students that have passed through the classrooms of this University that is a role model in the sports sector thanks to its academic model.

Within this education project, we have a programme directed by the Nobel Prize winner Mario Vargas Llosa, who is in charge of encouraging scientific investigation and increasing knowledge around leisure, health and sports management.