Josselin Juncker: “The Real Madrid Graduate School - Universidad Europea turned my vocation into a profession”

Former Student of the Real Madrid Graduate School - Universidad Europea and Tactical football analyst as well as scout at the Granada FC

He studied law at the Cardiff University, Nantes and Seville. Josselin Juncker started to combine his specialty in the sports world with his vocation and passion until he decided to study the Master in Football Direction at the Real Madrid Graduate School - Universidad Europea.

He has been a football coach for the foundation India Tomorrow, that led the female team of the categories Sub-11 and sub-19 at Chattisgarh. At the clubs, he has collaborate as a coach for the younger teams at the Orvault Racing Club at Nantes (France). After his time there, he collaborated with Cardiff City FC organising training sessions for the categories Sub-11 and sub-19.

He was then transferred to Seville in order to continue his studies, and there he started to get involved in the local football world, as a technical analyst for the Andalusian football federation, AD Nervión and Seville FC. When he finished his master at the Real Madrid Graduate School - Universidad Europea, Granada FC contacted him and offered him a position as a tactical football analyst and scout at the club. 

How did you get the opportunity to work in both clubs?

My previous experiences -always as a volunteer- together with my dedication, allowed me to get some really good contacts in the Andalusian football world.

Can you describe a day at work? What do you do in your role? What’s your position within the team?

My team is divided in two parts. On one side, being an analyst for Granada FC “B” (second division B) i have to record training sessions and matches, store and organise information, analyse the training sessions and matches as well as editing videos for the members of the technical team. Additionally, my other responsibility is as scout for the first team: following the performance of different players and writing reports. 

Do you think that the things that you learnt during the master are helping you on your daily tasks?

Absolutely! The things I learnt in the master helped me to increase my knowledge about the structure and functioning of a professional football entity. Also, it helped me to have a wider vision of the little tasks involved in the world of football, and not only on the game. Now I know a lot about the physiological and emotional activity of the environment, all the economic aspects, politics involved… 

What did you like the most about the Master?

The quality of the chair of professors, the international character and the multicultural environment.