Admission procedures

The applicant to undertake a postgraduate degree at the Real Madrid Graduate School, must show his desire to participate in the program, by sending:

  • Updated curriculum.
  • Application formcompleted and signed.
  • Photocopy of ID card or passport(the latter is mandatory for foreign participants).
  • 2 passport size photographs.
  • Copy of a University degreeor, failing that, the Academic certification (student records) of College. In the case of access to official postgraduate studies the legalization of these documents is required, a procedure that varies depending on the country the student has obtained his studies (Hague Convention, Andrés Bello Agreement…)

The documentation may be hand delivered or sent by mail, fax or email to the following address:

Escuela Universitaria Real Madrid - UE - Dpto. de Admisión
Avda. Fernando Alonso, 8, 28108 Alcobendas
Phone: +34 91 112 88 50 | Fax: + 34 91 141 35 85

The candidate must undertake a personal or telephone interview with a member of the Admissions Committee. This interview is intended to guide and clarify the doubts of the aspirant, and check that the knowledge and academic and professional profile of the candidate are adequate to study the chosen program


In addition, the admitted candidate must make the appropriate arrangements to reserve a place within 15 calendar days following notification of admission, and send a copy of the bank document certifying the payment has been made (see section on Payment Terms). The reservation is included in the total cost of the degree. Payment of the reservation and the presentation of the money transfer form in his case, along with the certification of compliance with the legal requirements for the program of the candidate's interest, is the formalization of tuition.


If you are an international student, PeerTransfer/flywire allows you to make payments securely from any country and any bank, and usually in the currency of your country.

Admission procedures

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