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How to combat fear in children when visiting the doctor

Many children burst into tears when they see a white coat. Upon entering the clinic, they are overcome by a fear that cannot easily be overcome. This all-too-common situation has led medical students at Universidad Europea, in collaboration with heads of the Clinical Department of the School of Biomedical and Health Sciences, to launch an initiative for the second year in a row to help children overcome their fear of the doctor’s office.

At the event, held on Saturday February 20, approximately 80 children aged between 3 and 6 learned some basic health-related information by “curing” their own teddy bears, which they brought from home as if they were patients. In this way, the children managed to gain a better understanding of the work carried out by healthcare professionals and familiarized themselves vicariously with the medical treatments they themselves receive.

Dressed as doctors with white coats and stethoscopes, acting as doctors for a day, they discovered the work involved in some of the basic activities performed by doctors, such as listening for a heartbeat, putting on a bandage, or washing your hands. The children were given information on the importance of a good diet, personal hygiene and the main organs in the human body.

This link contains a summary video of the event:

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