“Your most important skill is to know what you are meant to be. Once you know that, it is practically impossible for you to fail”

Sports have been consolidated as one of the biggest business in the last few years. The sector is looking for leaders that can deal with the necessities which in just a few years have helped to spread new professional profiles in the sports world and have been a big impact on both economy and employment. Therefore, the Real Madrid Graduate School – Universidad Europea has as an objective to offer its students the possibility of learning from the best professionals and the biggest companies in an exceptional environment, to become successful sports professionals at a global level.

We have interviewed Juan Covarurrbias Corona – Commercial and Marketing manager at Club Celaya and alumni of the the MBA in Direction of Sports Entities.

What are the main reasons for you deciding to work in the sports industry and choose the Real Madrid Graduate School – Universidad Europea?

The main reason that took me to the sports industry was my passion. In the words of Pablo Sandoval, the character in the film The secret in their eyes, “a person can change everything: the face, the house, the family, the girlfriend, the religion, the god… But there’s something that can never change, he can never change the passion”.

And this passion, I’ve shared it with different people. The passion is the fuel that keeps us alive. I do feel sorry for those who do not have a passion and for those who don’t pursue a passion, as that person will live forever with the feeling of never having had a passion.

The sports industry is very niche and highly competitive. I was determined to work on it. And to be the best, you have to be with the best, this is why I can proudly say that I am alumni of the Real Madrid Graduate School – Universidad Europea.

What do you think that was the added value of the School’s educational proposal for your career development as well as for your current job?

The added value of the education in this school was my experience, the diversity and all the different profiles that you are lucky enough to meet and share experiences with, with both colleagues and professors. Also, it is not always that you can say that you are learning from one of the biggest companies of the sports industry like Real Madrid FC.

How was your experience as an MBA in Direction of Sports Entities?

My professional experience has been fantastic. I am a strong believer that big institutions are composed of big people, and in the school I met magical people that showed me the required tools to grow and develop as a professional. And now I can even call those people friends.

What were the main highlights of this MBA? The chair of professors, the facilities, the agreements with sports business, the diversity…?

I have to start by saying that I come from Guadalajara (México), and changing from one country to another is in itself a big challenge. It was hard to leave everything behind to follow my dream… However I’ve become more adaptable to situations and that is a very valuable and needed skill in the sports industry… As in this industry the only constant is change.

The people, the teachers, my collagues, the diversity of profiles, the internationality and of course the atmosphere created by a great organistion, as well as the outstanding facilities make of this a great opportunity for the students to learn and grow.

What would you tell the students and profesionals of the sector who will join the school during the upcoming school year?

“Success is a journey, not a destination”– Ben Sweetland.

You are successful just by being in this journey: you’ve chosen to follow your path to success. It is not an easy way, and you’ll definitely encounter some disappointments, but the most common cause of failure is giving up, so never give up.

What are the abilities and skills that the sports management professionals should have to adapt to the constantly transforming and changing market?

You have to be patient, always consistent with what you say, what you do, what you think and with your values. Doing the right thing should be your standard. You have to be a chameleon and adapt to the different environments. But overall, you have to be a good person.

I was lucky enough to reach my dream of working for Chivas for almost four years, and now I am immersed in a new stage of my life working for the Mexican football club that Emilio Butragueño (El Celaya) loves the most. Might be chance, might be destiny… But your most important skill, is to know what you are meant to be. Once you know that, it is practically impossible for you to fail.