Universidad Europea, the fifth best private university in Europe according to El Mundo

The 14th edition of the 'Top 50 College Degrees' by El Mundo newspaper ranks the Bachelor’s Degrees in Physical Activities and Sport Science, Physical Therapy and Architecture in the top spots of their respective academic fields

El Mundo newspaper has published the 14th edition of the ‘Top 50 College Degrees’, which ranks the Universidad Europea among the five best private universities in Spain and up, compared to the 2016 ranking, to the 24th spot of the best Spanish universities.

This guide, which includes the top 50 degrees from over one thousand options after a thorough analysis based on 25 criteria and organized into 50 specialty fields, highlights what it believes are the Top 5 degrees for each specialty among all the universities analyzed.

According to El Mundo, the most popular degree programs, and the best universities that offer them, include the Bachelor’s Degree in Architecture in 4th place and the Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Activity and Sport Science in 3rd place, repeating the 2016 ranking. This year, the Bachelor’s Degree in Physical Therapy climbs to 4th place in the ‘Top 50 College Degrees’, one spot higher than in 2016.

This ranking, published at the end of each academic year, measures the main Degree Programs offered by public and private universities in Spain, how to choose the program most suited to your expectation, where to study and how much to pay for it. El Mundo takes into account the help and opinion of professors, students, alumni from the degree programs and collaborating companies to create the list.

You can see and download the full ranking here.