Universidad Europea evaluates the impact of the Emmona Ultra Trail on the 51 participating runners

This medical study aims to help mountaineers know themselves better and measure the tremendous impact involved in taking on a high-altitude ultra trail.

Hypotension, decreased inspiratory muscle strength, or weight loss, caused by the decrease in body mass... These are some of the figures extracted from the evaluation performed by professionals from Universidad Europea on the 51 runners who participated in the most recent Emmona Ultra Trail, (130km; 10,200m ascent). The challenge opened on the last weekend of May with the Alpinultras trail, sponsored by Retelur and made up of high-altitude, long-distance trails. 

Universidad Europea takes part in Alpinultras under an agreement signed in March with Retelur for the joint research into the multi-factor assessment of performance on high-altitude ultra trails. A team of professionals from various fields collaborate to track the health of each runner before, during, and after the race.

After the Emmona Ultra Trail, Alpinultras will continue with events in Valls d´Aneu (93km) on July 2, and Canfranc-Canfranc (100 km; 8,848 m ascent), on September 10.