Universidad Europea Design professor Oyer Corazón, winner at the El Mundo #PremiosFCINCO award ceremony

The awards recognize the most influential young people in Spain: The winners included Andrea Levy, Jorge Cremades, Álvaro Morata, Pablo Ráez, Maldita Nerea, Mario Casas, Oyer Corazón and Karten Space

On November 16, the El Mundo newspaper organized the 1st Edition of the #PremiosFCINCO Most Influential Young People Awards to mark the first anniversary of FCINCO, the youth portal of the Unidad Editorial newspaper. The winners included Oyer Corazón, Design professor at the School of Architecture, Engineering and Design.

Corazón received his award from Chronicle editor Javier Negre, recognizing the career of the Universidad Europea professor as a journalist, publicist and creative artist. The latest works that have led him to this recognition include pieces submitted to the Lázaro Galdiano Museum, the La Abadía theater, the Mapfre Foundation and El Corte Inglés.

The other award winners accompanying Corazón were Andrea Levy, Deputy Secretary for Studies and Programs of the Partido Popular; Mario Casas, actor; Álvaro Morata, Real Madrid F.C. soccer player; Jorge Cremades, actor and comedian; Pablo Ráez, who promotes bone marrow donations in Spain; Maldita Nerea, a pop rock band; and Karten Space; a low-cost nanosatellite start-up from Vitoria created by Ainhoa Cid. The FCINCO award was designed by Alberto Corazón, father of winner Oyer Corazón who is known for his logos designed for El Mundo, Cercanías Renfe and the National Library.