Universidad Europea de Valencia students, parliamentarians for a day

Students from the Law and IR degree program, among others, took part in the Parlament Universitari initiative along with the other universities in Valencia

Cristina Rubio, a first year student on the Law and IR Double Degree Program at the Universidad Europea de Valencia, was, for a few hours, a candidate to preside the Regional Government of Valencia. Last Friday, Cristina and a group of students from various centers in Valencia took part in the Parlament Universitari initiative organized by the Valencian Parliament.

In this project, all the universities in Valencia “take over” the chamber for a few hours and present their candidacy for the Presidency of the Regional Government of Valencia. Participating students and their professors were welcomed by the Chairman of the Parliament, Enric Morera, who, together with all those present, listened to the inaugural address of the candidate students. At the end of the day they received votes from the audience.

Cristina Rubio was advised by Universidad Europea de Valencia professors Lupe Bohorques and Lucía Aparicio, and the activity was coordinated by Julia Martínez, all faculty members of the UEV Social Sciences Department.