Universidad Europea de Valencia participates in the Rey Jaime I Awards

This is the first official ceremony attended by Juan Morote Sarrión, Universidad Europea de Valencia's new rector

Universidad Europea de Valencia participated in announcing the winners of the Rey Jaime I Awards in a ceremony held at the Palau de la Generalitat and attended by rector Juan Morote Sarrión.

The Economics award, sponsored by the Universidad Europea de Valencia, was given to Albert Macet Torrens, doctor of Economics from the University of Minnesota, researcher at ICREA, and director of EAI-CSIC (Economic Analysis Institute-CSIC).

Marcet is a renowned economist whose work has contributed to improving the analysis tools of several governments' central banks. One of his recent areas of interest is concern for monitoring the sovereign debt of advanced economies.

The Rey Jaime I Foundation also awards the fields of Basic Research, Medical Research, Environmental Protection, New Technologies and Entrepreneurship. Each of the awards given totaled €100,000.