Universidad Europea de Canarias students and professors take part in the fi2

The institution had a stand showcasing different projects and offering various activities related to the fields of Architecture and Communication

Students and professors of Architecture and Communication at the Universidad Europea de Canarias took part in the largest innovation forum in the Canary Islands, the Fi2, with various conferences, micro-lectures, networking activities and workshops.

 The activities were held on the afternoons of Thursday 27 and Friday 28 October, at the Tenerife Art Space - TEA in Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

On October 27, at 16.00h, professor Leoncio González offered a lecture on the First steps in audiovisual advertising, analyzing the creative realities of the advertising and architectural world from different perspectives. He particularly focused on the audiovisual field and how important it is for advertising proposals and architectural creation.

H&dM inside Herzog & de Meuron, represented by Rubén Servando and Daniel Díez Martínez, professors at the Universidad School of Architecture, together with Architecture students, created a real-scale drawing of a fragment of the floor plan of the apartment tower 404 One Park Drive. Thus, students and other guests had the chance to experience the reality of the profession, as well as designing work with the measurements of a real-scale plan.