Universidad Europea de Canarias celebrates World Breast Cancer Day

Donations were collected throughout the day and there were various activities to raise awareness and prevent the disease

On October 19, the Universidad Europea de Canarias celebrated World Breast Cancer Day with various activities. During the event, students from different degree programs and courses, as well as professors and Campus staff, came together to organize a collection and various awareness and prevention tasks. Many of them also joined in the international campaign to bring visibility to this problem by wearing something pink.

They also worked on Social Media, with students choosing a hashtag for Twitter: #uecúnetealrosa. Sweets and candy were sold to raise a generous sum of money that will go to the Spanish Cancer Association. Furthermore, professor José Leoncio González Martín organized activities focusing on the same theme of awareness and detection based on some small projects from his Creative Thinking class.

Teaching staff from the International Department and the English Center also joined in the event.