Universidad Europea brings together prevention service managers from major cities

Representatives from a total of 30 companies participated with students and teachers in a participatory workshop on transforming “traditional prevention” into a “prevention culture” by and for people

On January 31 the Alcobendas campus of Universidad Europea hosted a full-day seminar about improving companiesprevention services. The seminar entitled “Employee Happiness and Well-Being and its Impact on Profits” was attended by around 30 prevention services managers from prestigious companies, along with professors and students of Universidad Europea’s Occupational Risk Prevention and HR programs.

The seminar was run by Global Happiness Navigator CEO Carlos Piera, a communications expert. From the very beginning Piera structured the seminar as a participatory workshop with the collaboration of all attendees. Interactive activities like games were demonstrated to promote employee happiness and well-being, encourage a sense of belonging and significantly increase motivation levels. The seminar also focused on developing self-control and self-awareness habits to increase our sense of progress, and the importance of sharing and celebrating the successes of our teams.

According to Manuel Primo, director of the Universidad Europea Master's Degree in Occupational Risk Prevention, “the seminar was a huge success thanks to the participation of major companies like Telefónica, Microsoft, Ferrovial, McDonalds and Cuatrecasa.” However, Primo also stressed that “we still have a long way to go to achieve the maximum well-being of workers. Few companies invest in it, but at least all of them are aware of its importance.” “We hold these types of seminars every two months to maintain that awareness and the synergy between companies and academia in order to facilitate the transformation of traditional prevention into a Prevention Cultureby and for people,” Manuel Primo concluded.