Universidad Europea and the Clevi Association offer voluntary activities for students

The agreement between the two institutions allows students to get involved in leisure programs alongside people with functional diversity

Universidad Europea, within the framework of the Here for Good integration and promotion of philosophy has reached an agreement with the Clevi Association to encourage volunteering through social integration programs consisting of leisure activities, sports and free time, among others.

The main aim of this alliance is to provide the opportunity for our students to learn about the culture of solidarity and human values by supporting children with functional diversity. The Association is proposing to accompany students for several hours a week in the programs that most interest them or those that are in line with their personal and professional development.

Below are the activities aimed at students of Universidad Europea:

  • Leisure activities: various plans will be made such as going to sing karaoke, bowling, the movies, among others. Volunteers will dedicate approximately four hours on Saturdays.
  • Basketball activities: on Thursday afternoons they will join in on the training sessions and also play with them.
  • Football activities: on Sunday mornings they will go to football matches and training sessions.