Universidad Europea, a space for entrepreneurship and innovation for the people of Alcobendas

The Alcobendas Town Hall and Universidad Europea have agreed to contribute to the creation, implementation and growth of startups and innovative business projects

On June 12 Universidad Europea and theAlcobendas Town Hall signed a collaboration agreement to jointly develop actions to promote economic development and create jobs. Both institutions agree on the need to support measures that promote and contribute to the creation, implementation and growth of new companies.

The agreement will offer preferential access conditions for HUB Emprende, the Startup School program and specialist advice on entrepreneurship for business projects related to municipal services. The Alcobendas Town Hall will notify all business initiatives that may fit in HUB Emprende that this agreement has been signed so as to contribute to their development, thus fostering the economic development and growth of new companies.

After both institutions signed the agreement, Universidad Europea's general manager Conrado Briceño said that “this agreement is part of Universidad Europea's commitment to entrepreneurial spirit as a foundation for our educational model and a reflection of our commitment to generating a positive impact on our local communities."