Two medical students from the Universidad Europea received First Prize in the 2016 SOMANE Awards

They won with their clinical case "Which acid do we look for?", which was particularly complex

The Madrid Society of Nephrology (SOMANE) awarded first prize to two students in their 6th year of Medical School at the Universidad Europea in the third edition of its student awards for clinical cases. Specifically, SOMANE recognized the students Jorge García and Antonio Garofalo for their case "Which acid do we look for?" 

The students, together with their professors from the School of Biomedical Sciences, will to collect the prize at the XII SOMANE Meeting, which will take place on June 11. The 2014 edition Second Prize was awarded to two Medical students of the Universidad Europea.

According to doctors Alfonso Cubas and Judith Martins of the University Hospital of Getafe, “the winning case was particularly complex and the students who won demonstrated a deep knowledge of the material, as well as skills for developing in a professional environment which go way beyond the rest of the participating universities."