Toni Nadal Participates in the Launch of the Universidad Europea de Valencia’s Graduate School

The elite trainer and ex-coach of Rafa Nadal shared his personal experiences and explained the keys to achieving one’s professional objectives

The Universidad Europea de Valencia was honored with the presence of coach and ex trainer of Rafa Nadal, to introduce the Graduate School.

During the conference, called “Everything Can be Trained”, the Mallorcan emphasized the importance of “instilling the need for improvement to be able to achieve it.” Referring to his personal experience with his nephew, he remarked that “when you're really good, and things have gone well for you, you tend to get comfortable. It’s difficult to get out of the conservatism, but you need to look for that point of dissatisfaction.”

Furthermore, he explained that “life is inconceivable without objectives, with them it’s much more interesting and fulfilling. We should set attainable goals in the short term, to be able to reach higher ones in the long term. It was a keynote address that encouraged attendees to grow with effort, playing up self-criticism, exigency, and commitment “because giving it all is the least that we can do, it all depends on us.”