Three experts offer a neuromarketing workshop on how to “compete without focusing on the price”

The specialists ensure that traditional values no longer work, and we must research consumers and discover their minds, their insights


A few weeks ago, Emilia Martínez Tallo, Ricardo González Caballero and Andrés Fernández Martín, three experts in neuromarketing, offered an interesting workshop at the university entitled, “Competing without focusing on the price”. During the workshop, each professional offered their view, alternating each lecture with interventions and contributions from the students.

They offered various themes for work and reflection, including, “Marketing under suspicion”, “Traditional methods no longer work”, “The value of Neuroscience”, “The difference between researching the consumer and discovering their mind”, “Understanding “insights” as the basis for developing a strategy”,

“Applications of neuroscience in different fields”, and “Tips to apply tomorrow”. The activity was attended by students from different degree programs and years, particularly from Marketing, Business and Advertising Communication; they later received different tasks to be completed in class or at home.