The winners of the course on virtual reality on mobile devices present their projects

La iniciativa se enmarcó dentro del Mes de la Realidad Virtual de la Universidad Europea

The Universidad Europea celebrated Virtual Reality Month in February. During this monographic month, students from various areas of Engineering developed different virtual reality projects using skills learned involving design, virtual presence, creations of environments and different 3D resources to dominate virtual reality in its various applications (marketing, education , culture, medicine, etc.).

The initiative also included a 20-hour course on virtual reality for mobile devices given by PixelSurfers. It offered a clear example of how other technologies can be synergistic with virtual reality, like BIM technology in building management or advanced simulation in the field of health. Among the projects created, the following won awards: Virtuart, which received the first prize; Interactive Cinema, second prize; and Búsqueda en la iglesia, third prize.

This course also represents the beginning of a collaboration with Gamepolis and the first step in establishing virtual reality as one of the main lines of study at the Universidad Europea. During the course, the history of virtual reality was covered using various topics ranging from Oculus Rift glasses and mobile devices to video game design, also touching on creating virtual presence and creating environments in Unity 5, one of the best development platforms to create experiences and interactive 2D and 3D games. 

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