The university community shows its commitment to solidarity with the Global Days of Service

During the months of October and November, students, professors, alumni and employees took part in corporate volunteering and awareness-raising activities about diversity and effective inclusion.

Last October saw the launch of the Global Days of Service celebrations, an annual meeting that takes place in October and November in which the educational institutions of Laureate International Universities provide students, professors and employees the opportunity to express their commitment to solidarity with their local communities and jointly celebrate the social impact of our organization. Last year, over 22,500 volunteers from 36 institutions in 16 countries dedicated more than 220,000 hours over the course of the month. 

Among the activities organized for this year, the university community was present on 21 October at the Business Solidarity Day, a project aimed at promoting and fostering the social participation of companies via corporate volunteering. Through solidarity-based experiences and activities, volunteers in Madrid, Valencia and the Canary Islands had the opportunity to collaborate with different groups at risk of social exclusion such as homeless persons or people with disabilities, the elderly, sick children or those in the process of inclusion.

As well as taking part in Business Solidarity Day, the Universidad Europea organized the meetings Leaders for Change in Madrid, Valencia and the Canary Islands. A day along the lines of Here For Good, was organized around diversity and effective inclusion through first-hand accounts and experiences by students, professors and leaders who are having a positive impact on their communities.