The Universidad Europea wind tunnel captures the interest of students, researchers and businesses

It is the largest wind tunnel in Spain dedicated to university research

The Universidad Europea School of Architecture, Engineering and Design has incorporated into its facilities a wind tunnel, considered to be the largest in the country, to research all types of prototypes and scenarios. Building this facility was a major financial investment that few Spanish universities are willing to make.

The current wind tunnel has captured the interest of multinationals such as aircraft manufacturer Airbus. The Universidad Europea has reached an agreement with the multinational based in Toulouse (France) to start running tests with some of its prototypes from November. The Wind Tunnel aims to measure the aerodynamic coefficients of different objects using parameters such as stability, control and possible losses, essential for space engineering or automobile design, for example.

The wind tunnel has been so well received that the Universidad Europea recently organized a competition in which students from any Spanish university could take part with their models. “Our goal is for students to be able to practice as much as possible with the wind tunnel because the interest shown by the aeronautical sector in universities and vice versa is continuously growing”, stressed Antonio Naranjo, director of the Industrial and Aerospace Engineering department at the School of Architecture, Engineering and Design, and the head of this project.