The Universidad Europea participates in the Indoor Sports Program of the Fundación Renal

This project is intended to improve the quality of life of kidney disease patients through sports during dialysis testing

The Universidad Europea School of Biomedical and Health Sciences collaborates on a program of controlled and moderate sports for kidney disease patients from the Fundación Renal. Through a collaboration agreement, the Universidad Europea has contributed Master and final year Bachelor’s Degree students to implement exercise programs for this disease.

The Fundación Renal Indoor Sports Program is intended to improve the quality of life of kidney disease patients. A total of 80 patients are participating in the project by exercising in the dialysis room. The patients report an improvement in their wellbeing and greater comfort when walking or moving.

According to the program coordinators, the patients are becoming fitter, both in lower body strength and in cardiovascular fitness. Their quality of life is also improving thanks to greater control over their posture. In psychological terms, the participants have lower levels of anxiety and stress.

The Indoor Sports Program stems from a research project with the collaboration and coordination of the Universidad Europea, as well as the Fundación Real Madrid, the Polytechnic University of Madrid and the University of Oviedo, which awarded the initial research project the second prize in its Sports Medicine awards.