The Universidad Europea leads the debate on Interprofessional Education

By holding the 1st Seminar on Interprofessional Education and Collaborative Practice

On November 4, the Universidad Europea held the 1st Seminar on Interprofessional Education (IPE) and Collaborative Practice, which served to meet and exchange ideas, experiences and visions on training actions and how they connect to the needs of the professional healthcare environment.

Boi Ruiz, former Health Minister for the Regional Government of Catalonia, took part in the event, inaugurating the meeting with a conference on the importance of integrated care with the patient. Ruiz explained how current pathologies are more related to genetic and social-cultural contexts than with the failure of a single organ, and they therefore require an integrated response of all the disciplines and professions involved.

The event also included an introduction to the origins and need for IPE, focused on patient safety and an aging population; eminently uniprofessional educational models were analyzed, which contrast with the multiprofessional reality of primary, community and home care. The tools available to assess the most common interprofessional skills were assessed, these skills include communication, authority, decision making, roles and negotiation; as well as the importance of IPE in Pharmacy studies.