The Universidad Europea ends a year of educational success with a positive impact on society

The university community makes an annual account of its academic achievements and its commitments to society

With just a few days until the end of 2017, the Universidad Europea takes the opportunity to analyze its milestones from the academic year, which enable it to continue educating students who add value to their professions and contribute to social progress with an entrepreneurial spirit and commitment to ethics.

True to its commitment to innovation, the Universidad Europea has forged new alliances and reached major educational goals over the year, positioning itself on the cutting edge of education. The arrival of the new Rector, Juan Morote, the award of an Honorary Doctorate to the Secretary General of the United Nations, Social Entrepreneurship Week, the Attorneys School, and the sponsorship of Real Madrid basketball club are some of the most notable events.

As well as educational milestones, with the Here For Good spirit, 2017 was a splendid year for the university community in terms of creating a positive social impact on its environment. This is attested, for example, by the 2017 “B Corp MVP” recognition received by Laureate for its commitment to society. The drive for curricular sustainability, volunteering, awareness raising with various collectives, raising awareness of the SDGs, the JES Awards, and the alliance with UNICEF reflect the path of a university community that is committed to responding to the needs of a global world.