The Universidad Europea Emprende HUB celebrates “Startup Weekend”

The ‘Rapid Meal’ mobile app for restaurants won this ideas and entrepreneurial competition aimed at students with innovative business ideas that could become a business project

On the weekend of June 10-11, the Emprende HUB business accelerator, based at the Universidad Europea Alcobendas Campus, held ‘Startup Weekend’, an initiative for students and young entrepreneurs. Over two days, participants in the competition shared their concerns on their new projects in a creative, innovative environment.

The entrepreneurs had time to explain their ideas and present the proposals designed with their mentors to a panel of judges. During the idea competition, they also had the chance to use a co-working space equipped with all the facilities and tools needed to develop their projects.

Finally, the panel selected the three best projects including ‘Rapid Meal’, a winning project that uses a mobile app to order and pay at restaurants, thus avoiding inconvenient queues and waits, and making work at the restaurants more efficient. Its creator, José Manual Ochoa Pérez, says that “the experience has been very positive and thanks to ‘Startup Weekend’, and the support of the mentors, the team at Cink Emprende and my teammates Laura, Carlos and Ariadna, I could develop an idea that I had been working on throughout the Startup School”.

Jose Manuel has also received a top grant (50% discount) for the Master of his choice at the IMPACT Business School, as well as three individual mentoring and consultancy sessions so his project can become a success on the market. The other two best projects won a year-long stay at the accelerator’s co-working space, as well as access to all types of activities and support from the Amazon Web Services platform.