The Universidad Europea de Valencia and the JES Awards take part in “Afternoons with B”

The Graduate Degree director and the creator of Tryp&Feel tell us about their experience trying to make a positive impact on society

On Wednesday, October 19, the Universidad Europea de Valencia Graduate Degree academic director, Rosa Sanchidrian, took part in a new edition of the initiative “Afternoons with B”, organized by B Corp Spain and Social Nest. This proposal consists of holding sessions to reinforce the community of B Corp businesses, which are businesses that are agents for social change. 

Laureate International Universities is a “B Corp” company and that is why Rosa Sanchidrián shared with the audience how the Universidad Europea tries to make a positive impact on society. She was also accompanied by Paco Gracia from Tryp&Feel, a company granted a JES Award by the Universidad Europea for young social entrepreneurs. He explained how his project is a social project that aims to bring fishing closer to society.

The B Corp business community already has almost 2,000 B Corps in over 50 countries. Around 250 B Corp businesses in Europe have already joined this community of visionary entrepreneurs that combines financial profit with generating social and environmental benefits.