The Universidad Europea Bachelor's Degree in Physiotherapy receives WCPT accreditation

The degree program becomes the first in Europe to obtain this prestigious hallmark

The Universidad Europea has received accreditation from the World Confederation for Physical Therapy (WCPT) for the Bachelor's Degree in Physiotherapy taught at the Villaviciosa de Odón Campus. This recognition validates the physiotherapy studies on an international level, thereby meeting the most stringent education standards.

The Dean of the School of Sports and Exercise Sciences, Francisco López Varas, assured that "it is the most important and most stringent accreditation, the result of three years of intense work".  To obtain the accreditation, the Universidad Europea and the Bachelor's Degree in Physiotherapy were evaluated over two years in an examination overseen by the WCPT Accreditation Committee. To ensure the quality requirements of the accreditation, which is renewable every five years, the Universidad Europea will provide the WCPT with annual reports.

The director of the faculty's Physiotherapy Department, Beatriz Martínez Pascual, underlined that the accreditation "involves the assessment of different aspects of the course such as the length and suitability of the curriculum, the number of practical hours, facilities, types of rotations, results, installations and satisfaction data".