The students from the MBA in Sports Management traveled to New York

It was a 6 day trip where they had an unforgettable experience in the main sports facilities in the city.

The students from the MBA in sports management of the Real Madrid Graduate School-Universidad Europea went to the city of New York where they were able to visit the most well-known sports facilities in the city.

The first visit was to the Red Bull Arena, a multifuncitional venue which is the home of the New York Red Bulls. Thy visited all the facilities and even met the young exec team, with whom they spoke about the venue management.

They also attended a talk with the directors of one of the most important soccer teams in the North American Soccer League, the New York Cosmos, where they learnt how to manage a well-known team.

Another of the visits was to Rutgers University, the biggest higher education institution in New Jersey. They were able to visit all the facilities and also the National Collegiate Athletic Association. This association is composed of more than a thousand institutions, conferences, organisations and individuals that organise the majority of the University sports events in the United States.

Of course, they couldn’t visit the Big Apple without going to the world-famous Yankee Stadium, where the New York Yankees team plays all their games in Major League Baseball (MLB). They had the opportunity of broadening their knowledge of management and sports organization, and later on they watched a football match between two of the most important teams in Major League Soccer: the New York City F.C. and the San José Earthquakes.

They couldn’t miss a visit to the Madison Square Garden, the famous sports pavilion located in the centre of Manhattan, where they met with some of the exec team of the NBA and the NHL and where they also attended an NBA match between the New York Knicks and the Boston Celtics, both teams are famous world-wide.

 They also had time for hockey and even attended a New York Rangers match against the Philadelphia Flyers, two of the main teams in Ice Hockey. Other venues that they visited were the MetLife Stadium, the office of LaLiga in New York and the US Open.

The MBA in Sports management gives the students the opportunity to learn first hand from the best professionals in the sports sector, as well as the facilities and the top teams at an international level.