The Students from Sports Management and Direction of Sports Entities took part in the Spartan Race

The students participated as volunteers but also as runners in this well-known obstacle race

The students from the MBA in Sports Management (English and Spanish) took part in the famous Spartan Race last week, a very well-known race in the world of obstacle races, offering different courses for all the different fitness levels and ages.  

The students took part in the race as both volunteers and runners. They were volunteers at the Spartan Junior Race for children between 4 and 13 years old. Each of the volunteers was assigned a different spot within the race to help: the start point, help with the obstacles, presentation of medals or running with the kids.

Once they finished the volunteering activities, the students ran the Reebook Spartan Sprint, that tested the runners resistance combined with their speed over the 5km and over 20 obstacles that compose the race. They competed together as a team, helping each other to overcome all the different challenges they faced during the race.

"I’m very thankful to the school for giving us the opportunity of being part of this event and being able to share the experience with my colleagues in such a great event as the Spartan Race.” Said Pablo Moyano, a student of the MBA in Sports Management (in Spanish).

The participation in the activity was an initiative presented by the master’s director. She recommended this activity as a way to work and learn about things like team work and fellowship.