The students are the stars at the 2015-2016 Commencement

An emotional ceremony with special moments like the traditional presentation of scholarships, inspiring speeches by recent graduates and the prizes that the institution awards each year to outstanding students

Satisfaction, nerves and joy were just some of the emotions experienced by the 2,100 Universidad Europea students who on June 30 celebrated their commencement at the Ifema trade fair center. Over 11,000 people gathered at a unique setting for a ceremony that the recent graduates will never forget.

The students took the stand during the ceremony, starting with a speech by the Degree and Advanced Career and Technical Education representative, Marina Alonso Herrero, a Telecommunication Systems Engineering Degree program student. With her inspiring speech, Marina urged her classmates to “revert to everything they have learned and to leave their mark”. In the words she dedicated to her classmates, Marina highlighted the importance of “not just being successful women and men, but valuable women and men”.

Next it was the turn of Laura Núñez Ubiñas, a student on the Master’s Degree in Advanced Endodontics, who spoke on behalf of the class of Graduate Degree students and who shared this thought with her classmates: “after our time here we’ve become stronger, we have striven to stand out and get a qualification for a better future”.

After the speeches, and as is traditional during all Universidad Europea Commencements, it was time to present the prizes to the students rewarded by the University for different merits. They included, Estefanía Ortiz Tena, double degree in Art and Architecture, who received a special mention for the most international student. Estefanía completed various academic exchanges and internships in Brazil, Italy and the US. The second special award was for María Carrillo López, an Advertising Communication Degree program student, who was the student with the Best Academic Transcript at the University. And finally, a special award for the University’s most participative student was given to Alejandro Costa Escudero, a Double Degree in Journalism and Media Studies and Multimedia student. Alejandro enthusiastically worked at Europea Media -the University’s radio, television and newspaper- and has worked on various research projects, as well as collaborating with the University Communications department.