The Spanish Film Library will premiere the documentary “La noche del mundo” (The Night of the World) as part of the cycle of films competing for the 2016 Goyas

The screening was a research project launched by Universidad Europea teaching staff

On October 26, the Spanish Film Library will show La noche del mundo”, a documentary developed in collaboration with Universidad Europea teaching staff. The public showing will take place at 17:00, in Hall 1 of the Film Library, as part of the cycle of films competing for the 2016 Goya Awards.

La noche del mundo” will show the public the story Pozo de Vargas, a mass grave where they have found the remains of victims of the dictatorship in Argentina. A harrowing story that tells of the atrocities committed during that time with testimonies from relatives and expert archaeologists, anthropologists, forensic scientists and attorneys as important as Baltasar Garzón, who also express their knowledge and thoughts on the events that are still remembered today by the people of Argentina.

The screening of the documentary, launched by Carolina Meloni, professor at the Department of Media, Languages and Digital Society; Ignacio Sacaluga, director of the Communication Department; and Sergio Calvo, vice rector for Research at Universidad Europea, means it has passed the first selection filter by the Academy for the 2016 Goya Awards. Should it move forward in the process, “La noche del mundocould be one of the finalist works that will be revealed -four finalists per category- in January 2017 to compete in the 2016 Goya Awards.