The School of Biomedical and Health Sciences organizes the Clinical Internship Tutoring Seminars

The seminars served to debate and find values to promote a good welcome and integration among professors, students, tutors and clinical internship coordinators.

On October 20, the Universidad Europea School of Biomedical and Health Sciences organized the Clinical Internship tutoring Seminars for nursing professors, students, tutors and clinical internship coordinators. The meeting entitled “Understanding teaching in nursing, recognizing the tutor”, helped participants to exchange experiences in order to find organization and development improvement proposals for all parties involved.  Numerous students from all years of the Nursing Degree, and teaching staff from various collaborating internship centers attended the seminars to highlight teaching along with the Universidad Europea.

The event focused on two round table debates. On the one hand, a look at the past and present of developing nursing knowledge through practice. On the other, 2nd to 4th year students spoke of their experiences from an academic and personal perspective.  The tutors and nurses who teach students during their 7-hour working day managed to make the students aware of what it means to teach in a complex clinical environment. Participants included Dr. Marta Durán, one of the leading figures in teaching nursing in Spain; Vice Dean Ana Giménez; and Dr. Javier Acebedo, SAMUR emergency nurse and professor of the Master’s Degree in Emergency Medicine and Critical Care in Nursing.

The students had time to form groups to debate on how to improve practical learning. Thanks to the Seminars, the tutors had the chance to meet the leaders of the drill project, degree professors, internship coordinators and students from different years. The meeting successfully generated a debate that will allow us to close the gap between theory and practice in the future. The Universidad Europea awarded prizes to the “most recognized tutors” at the collaborating centers for their involvement with students and the academic institution.