The School of Architecture and Engineering presents the new UEV training internships at the Seminar for Teaching Innovation in Architecture

Professor Inés García Clariana explained how the Integration Department innovates with its teaching methods

On October 20, the Universidad Europea de Valencia was present at the JIDA Seminar (Seminar for Teaching Innovation in Architecture), a meeting and open debate space for all teaching professionals who implement innovative initiatives in further education, particularly experts interested in Architecture learning. 

Under the title “Disciplines aside, sociological tools and philosophical notes on teaching architecture”, professor Inés G. Clariana presented new practices implemented by the Integration Department at the UEV School of Architecture and Engineering. These practices are designed to enrich and implement student education using tools inherited from sociology, anthropology and philosophy, and which enable our students to develop a comprehensive perception of the city; mapping, tracking, capturing, in short, learning to observe (closely).

This 4th Seminar, organized by GILDA (Group for Innovation and Logical Teaching in Architecture) of the Universidad Politécnica de Catalunya, together with the UPV, brought together over 25 national and international schools of architecture.